An imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained; in other words…



“what’s My fantasy woman like?”  


She is a golden road to paradise; twice she has drawn from the well of my heart dipping into pools of romance and desire- at the center an unquenchable fire, blazing, grown’s of lust uncaging, for She is my fantasy.

“How did we meet?”

She caught eye as I entered into the room her fragrance consumed my senses,

Her sculpture I found delicious, my heart growing more ambitious with each step towards her.

(She turns)

In seconds our eyes lock, our souls talk, together we walk into a life one can only imagine;

glancing at her lips as they utter expectation

our conversation turns to verbal love making,

embracing mutual genius.

“I can’t believe this!”

our laughter shake’s heavenly rafters, “what?”, she asks- her voice the  tone of the finest silk.

Her lips carried the sweetest hint of milk chocolate.

Each second spent with her infinitely drives this want….


(eye’s open)

“The illusion ends…..”

It was a moment in the dream line of time;


was my fantasy.

My eye’s close once again;

my mind flows reflecting on a not so distant reality, recalling visions of an alternate casualty,  

“I’ll find her one day!”

“I promise….”


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