An Honest Moment…

At Times I think of the damaging; Encouraging; Weakening; Strengthening Power of the words we use towards the future we are grooming…




Reflecting on this Reflection in front of Eye

I spied into the abyss of this Darkness.

The Deep speaks of hidden treasures I reach up to grasp at last!

Then I look back at the trail left from this pursuit.

Ripped ground left behind focusing-

On breaking ground with a tarnished Hero logo..?

While feelings feel empty-

This Victory is Pyrrhic at best;

How could I have-


Woken from this night terror.

Racing in,

The Memories

-Hurt Bearers

The words…

Fighting to cast these razor edge remarks asunder in the flames of yesterday.

I look at my little Kings resting in the morning dawn,


I stand reflecting on the reflection I desire not to shape.

So I reset my mindset with the rising of the new…

I Grow Up…

Being the Son of a War veteran I see Close and Personal the effects and trauma brought back from the Hell that is War… Too ALL Soldiers serving & have served to fight for God, Family Friends, and Country… Thank You.



I want too ask…

I want to hear the nightmares you hold under lock and key…


Too ask would mean your worst nightmare’s revisited…

The Sorrows of a War Veteran may never be heard-


They are felt everyday pain from wounds deeper than bone marrow;

So I remain silent-

Question’s in my mind surrcome to violence felt decades old.

I wish for the healing of damaged Souls told to Fight.

Sworn to defend Family, Friend, & Country…

They’re Different now…

If shown or hidden from vision WE feel you.

I would go into what I think you have seen-

I halt my advances of Questions & Concerns when I realized the Burns on memory.

I realize my questioning is bringing Salt to wound,

So silent I stay…

But I can’t help to notice the DIFFERENCE between the civilian peace I enjoy at the expense of the horror of being deployed.


A domain I hope I never see,

But it seems War takes many forms on many fronts.

Calling All Soldiers to action.

I pray the heeling of the souls broken in Fractions…

Ought, should, or need to do something-



It haunts the thoughts

– Probing…

Searching for that small ledge to gain ground in the mind.


It Sparks!

The 1st stage of ambition-

The Desire to obtain what some would label impossible

– I’m possibly closing in on that light in the distance.

Overcoming the cold darkness of purposeless existence…

This WANT has gained a rooted hold upon the field of Dreaming of abundance where needs are met at a simple whim…

This WANT for harmony amongst this World we HAVE TOO coexist beyond Hatred…


What you want…