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Gone too Soon…

I still feel…PAIN


Today’s loss came at a high cost…

Shook like a 7.9 quake after shock…

Still in shock!

The Loss of a Friend, Brother-

I pray for comfort for Father, and Mother;

The Sisters Who loss a Brother…


seems to be in retreat…

This loss of Life has the feel of defeat…😰

Still I Run my Race, even through this emptiness I face..😥

Still I Feel, with every new breath taken… Treasured the more…😢

Until I Heal from the pain of this…R.I.P My Friend..,Until we meet again…😭



I Emerge…




In after the down pour of pain.

Tears flowed like Storming Rain-

Through the Rage of Life’s Winds and Tsunami like situations-

A  Voice Commands, “COME.”

So I instantly run.

The fear of Danger flung;

Carried by the desire to see Him…!

The Prince of Peace finally Revealed once Self was healed,

From the inside, out!

This Storm took me through the internal route too connect Soul with the Eternal,

In me-

So I write this Journal prayer fully these words read, or heard, will herd a Soul to their bliss apart from ignorance…

I’m speaking of being fully persuaded that thy God made this Life!

Perfectly beautiful,

All for you…..

The Battle for the sanity of Today… The Calm before the Storm…. The Moment when you only have a few, to gather yourself back from the Darkness found at Night… Reminding you of the Moments lost in….

The A.M.


Wake up…!

Peeling the sweat off my face, stained from this instant, this incident, in this intense thought processes.

Emotions vomitted after hard pill was swolled…
Thier scrutiny is so intense!  Their scowls of Judgment burns at my very thoughts!

I scrape, and scratch at my head trying to get the image of this Past mistake, OUT-


It too, Hunts for the drops of inspiration for Today-

Too poison them in the Guilt of Yesterday….

Too poison them..,

In the Guilt of Yesterday….





AM better-

Than the Me in Yesterday.

In the Past I learn…

Learned from each final exam, and then passed on experiences,

Born from Wisdom-



She taught Me to Forgive,
So the ‘Old Man’ ties I severed.
Never reaping again the bitter harvest of regret-


Was Baptised on this Cross I bare.

Where ‘I’ was barried in the ashes of a Death like slumber.

Forgetting who I was;

Before I traveled deminsional bridges…

Across the Space in Time, riding the Winds of a Dream…

The moment I awoke…

I soaked in the Hot Spring Waters of Life, & took my first breath of refreshment…
Rising from the ashes of the Past,
I set the Sky on Fire!
As I recieve the Call to Climb, Deeper into Soul…
Resurrecting the Love buried with-in….

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I persist against the endless urging- 

This Impatience is Burning!

Penetrating mental visions, even by day, My Dreams remain the Drive.

The Burning behind this-


Hear the Passion in my reply,

 “To open the access Gate to Dreams lost, 

Now recovered.’ Lives reclaimed and the Finacial burden on Families lifted. ” 

By hands which where given a tool to pave and lay a  pathway to thier Dreams and Hopes…

Forging forward, Rolling over opinions!

Abounding above the Fear of Decision. 

This WHY..,


Into Heart… 

The Flames of a once quiet desire catch Fire to Thought! 


Seeing the suffering of my fellow residence, with no residenence of their own… 

Seeing villages of abandoned and lost homes-

Victims of shady home loans.

Families laying thier children’s head on lent, 

Fed scraps for Breakfast, no Lunch, because you have to save it for dinner…

While “They” Mock! 

Thieving Aristocrats…,

But I won’t play the Victim, 

so enough with that…

My WHY is bigger so I figure instead of pointing a finger…

I can Lend a Hand, 

Extended to my fellow Man…

“& They ask Me…’


I have such a Hunger. such a Feel, that this Dream is Real….

Elemental Space


I laugh as I chase the material of Thought.

Seeing them.

Reaching for them…

The Spark!

The instantaneous spontaneous outburst of imagination formed into creation.

A moment of thought, that Spark of light- 

Seeing beyond the clouds as I take flight.

Whether I’m walking on the light of a Graceful Day, or caught in the grip of  the Seductress Night Moon…

Thoughts loom, waiting as clay awaits the Potters finger tips.

I thurst to grip this,

Birthed in Thought Element…