We all are more then what we appear to be. Deep in the mind lies a path to the imagination where anything is possible; a place where one can discover an inner strength and peace; a place where change occures while outwardly everything remains untouched. This is…

Nothing has changed, but everything has changed…

By reasons of the flow of life

Life has taken every opportunity

Passed it to me and asked what will it be

Freedom from the false image or

To me to be a King is the destiny

Signs of my destination when

Creation response to me see with new

Eye’s clear vision clouds break their

Cover of light night brightens full-moon

Raises hearts dreams start

The Imagination becomes gateways to-

New decisions of possibilities

Deja vu’ moments the residue of time travel

When eye’s open and vision unravels

Becoming more sure force core of soul

To hold faith interactions with heavens

Gates nothing has changed in the

Seconds of consciousness but

Everything has changed drenched in

The depths of revelation I’m changed

When I beheld the image in mirror as

The fog of hypocrisy and force fed

Perspectives cleared I found the

Perfect picture of Me a King stretching

Angel wings flaming white taking flight

Up into the out-stretches of eternity….

Deliverance from the power and penalty of sin; redemption. This is…


This is a place where the real exist, in the dimension of fellowship. Catch a tight grip-hold of the one who’s foot prints layer streets with gold. Too potent is the potentate, the Holy one, King victorious, the more then one; In him dwelt the God head bodily.

In the beginning three spoke from one essence audibly all said,”Let,” then light illuminated waste, formed Earths foundations, and gave life it’s taste.




Breathing animation into creation, the impossible way, he paved them by thought from throne. By Wisdom God foreordained time and gave it its course. It was preordained that The Word came to walk the planet ’till he founded Eden where he formed and fashioned Man.

The Word breathed in him knowing that sin would soon be seen in Man-
Adam, one, plus woman forged a son from a seed that would yield a limitless harvest.

How awesome is the Inexhaustible mercy of the throne keeper. The Father, Son, and Spirit had a plan that included a great feature in future the Son would come to purge sin from Man bringing a flesh reliant law to an end by Word in skin.

The Son would do once that which never would be needed again, salvation from sin. Redirecting the hope in his chosen giving motion once again to clay animation, life after spiritual death…,


His written word gives the visual, his breath is left residually replenishing life’s true meaning, obedience over sacrifice.

One lamb shed innocent blood to transfer life. He slit ties to corruption by way of a…, spiritual blade, now we lay in the life and breath that Christ gave when he defined the phrase, “I am saved….”

This is a story of a tormented soul who is caught between having what she dreamt of while still longing for the terror she cleanly escaped- or so she thought. This is…

The sacrifice of a dream…
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

She had it all in hand, the hidden desires of her dream man, yet she began longing for the mistreatment, the arrows of deceit meant for her dreams, sucking her vision dry leaving nothing to hope and when she awoke from this fantasy her dream man asked her if she could see them dwelling in the valley of passion.

He brought her gifts everyday. He would play her heart strings, a sweet melody they would sing, bringing her esteem to the level of queen; but she secretly stood plotting and lusting for the harsh words that mocked at her every aspiration. Giving her the feeling of ending it all- as if death would call off the dogs bitting and devouring at her soul…

Her nightmares painted vivid scenes, her dream man attempted to comfort her morning screams, his heart even more driven to cleans her of the tortured images in her mind, but she still found her soul crying out for the seduction of her abuser,

As if the confusion in her released a sense of pleasure her dream man could not satisfy, no matter how hard he would try;

And every-time he would ask about her past she would shed tears of sorrow, while inside she laughed, as if to say the pain was her validation or the reason she refused to forsake the memories of her scared heart…

Now comes her dream man with ring in hand asking for her vow of love. He came granting her promises pure as a dove adorned in sanctified white,

But still, upon the battlefield of her mind, she felt her soul was defined by every bruise she suffered, every drop of blood she shed, and every expression of the antithesis of love that was said.

Even still she excepts his hand flaunting the ring of her dream man. She begins to think, “now’s the time to release myself from all the darkness of my past;” transitioning herself into the realm of light. But no! the thorns of bitterness claim their grip making a three fold cord that’s not easily ripped.

Now after years of this struggle her dream man is brought to his bare essence, pledging his love still, even unto death. For the love of she he willingly would express in the giving of his last breath. Hoping that this final display of his heart would free she from the bondage of tragedy.

Her dream man gasps his last in the effort to win, but her nightmare traps her heart again she willingly opts for sin,

Lusting to be trapped in the maze of depression, where she awaits the resurrection of the man of her dreams, hoping once again he would bring an everlasting peace to her lust-filled screams;

Once and for all quenching the flames of her malicious nightmares, by the bloody sacrifice of her mans dream….

Witness the birth of art, from inception to flourish-ion, This is…

The Poet-Tree

It starts off as a sprout of light that rises out of the heart;

It is the growth of inspiration when it has over taken pages that once laid vacant.

Its leaves receive nourishment from the lavish rays of illumination.

Its roots plunge deep into the soul, extracting the minerals of life.

The shoot begins to grow with each added line and paragraph.

With each pen stroke it rises above every obstacle, pushing upwards towards the warmth of discovery,

Where it expands it’s branches in a marvelous display of emotion.

Its sun kissed buds beautify this portrait with the color of life, their alluring fragrance entices the mind.

Its fruits begin to ripen with the completion of each thought,

Then they burst with the sweetest taste of innovation.

It has matured, displaying the perfection of patience,

Standing distinct among its peers commanding all eyes to be attentive.

This Tree has become the desire of many who seek its shade, its shelter, its solace….

Longing- strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something unattainable or distant. This is…

Longing Too Touch

A longing so great it penetrates every fiber of my being seeing my love from a glass house, yet still I press against this longing to touch the love I once held in a perfect embrace; longing to taste our dreams together,

Reaching you through the passion of a letter, gathering together the strength to grasp my tomorrow pulling it into the Now, giving the impossible the reasons how, my faith will draw my desire- a flaming blue fire; we glide clear sapphire skies we fly in my dreams,

The freedom brings me closer to the one I call lover, no other I wait for; only one can bring this dream too truth, reaching you through iron bars and steel doors when each tear hits floor.

One more prayer to voice bringing breath & life, I wife still fight for what’s mine knowing what’s said will be done in time, I speak it’s time.

Now minds-eye vision brings truth commanding a ceases fire to division now with precision my words hit their target, I spoke it, sign & sealed the date, creation marked it;

Judgement given to release the innocent out of prison forcing doors open, fresh air free lungs soak in and with one motion we walkout the word my dreams have spoken, close when we embrace in perfection;

Husband, wife, love in the moment that will never end satisfying the longing to touch love again and again, sweet is this victory dance as eye’s connect in sync with the joining of hands, thankful for one more chance having passed through the transition of one becoming two, back too one we stand united in mind spirit and soul man, woman…, whole;

Made pure in position lusting in the grace that was given, thankful that we stayed driven like Christ to the cross our love has risen above this passing storm now we rest in the calm dwelling in passion reborn. Renewing the vows sworn diving into the abyss of each kiss relishing in the touch that was missed….