Recently involved in a 3 vehicle accident🙄 I had a moment to reflect on some thing’s as I embraced my Loved ones, thankfully, one more time. I lost a close friend not too long ago. This recent chain of events brought back a lot of emotions… Still, yesterday was a good day, after all, I’m still here, and so is everyone involved…



Blowing through time-


Carried through situations as the situation comes.

Learning still, admitting it may be redundant to say, as I pass through

Day to Day lessons.


Savoring every Moment-

Capturing Moments in the net of Memory.

Retaining the taste no matter how Bitter or Sweet-

Such is Life…

“It is really hard to be lonely very long in a world of words. Even if you don’t have friends somewhere, you still have language, and it will find you and wrap its little syllables around you and suddenly there will be a story to live in.” – Naomi Shihab Nye 🤔…

These Day’s


The World spins…

The Days blend together as Time presses forward…

And I question at times,

Am I moving in the same direction..?”