To be free to allow your imagination to form into a powerful thought spoken into creation creating insperation which moves all under its influence is why I rest my mind in…

Time & Space

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I got only time, framing thoughts ever flowing, no artificial influence needed, my thoughts ignite flames of enlightenment burning bright the light of inspiration;

My time in mind-space is far from spent, so I write on, limitless thoughts recorded on paper till the new arrives & the old fades in vapor;

Time stands still…

…Still at attention obedient to listen, sensitive to release its presence into the present, words linked to reaction, the deduction of the imagination breeds action;

I want more than a moment to ride the momentum of thought woken from its dormant state;



Door swings,

Open mind commands, thoughts move worlds like a wave of the hand;

Royal position when thought is completed, creation racing hastening to perform,

The thoughts I spoke into time & space….

All I need is a miracle

All I need is a miracle,
All over the world ,
Born in the USA;
Blinded by the light ,
Don’t get me wrong;
Everybody wants to rule the world,
Epic high-wire;
Back to paradise.
Every rose has a thorn;
Dancing with tears in my eyes,
Hold on tight, Hold on loosely,
“I got you.”
I want to break free !
Back to paradise.
Written by Elena Taylor
I did this out of song titles for a class assignment

Flowing Like a River

Flowing like a river in christianity,
Ever rock and bump,
Turns into every victory and triumph;
Good advice flowing 24/7 like a rapid wave,
Every fish in the ocean seeks for his guidance,
And every boat loves to sail his way ,
Just like in a river there is always something to eating at your fish ,
Yeah we had a lot; but this river keeps on flowing,
Never half empty nor half full,
This river is just the right amount.
This proud river is my dad.
If I was stranded in a river and couldn’t reach the bank,
I would rather have my dad there to help me on my way.
Written by Elena Taylor
Walking in my fathers guidance and anointing

Having heard, having received, & having believed the word of God, power packed with grace, we must through faith obtain our promises speaking into existence a new reality built by one who possesses…

Faith mastery

By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Six day’s to press for the mark, target set, now set the spark to start the blaze;

Blazing forward attacking my course with focused far-site,

Despite the dispute in my conscience mind fighting sub-conscience thoughts of sabotage,

I receive the instruction wrapped in midnight voyages…

…Can Me past & Me future coexist in this present moment, can Me forsake the contrary history that haunts Me?

Striving for the rest at the end of this press live’n life more vocal;

Leaving my last words timeless, eternal heart beating endless, thoughts shaping limitless dreams,

Till time fades leaving stars to be gazed set in heavenly places prearranged;

Sit’n on my throne of patience decree’n my reality into life,

Making decisions formed in a perspective seated in all seven dimensions.

Lone-hope left un-restricted, it persisted past the point of disappointment cemented in the belief sent to Son,

Putting history into re-write mode leave’n the residue of light when miracles unfold in-site, on-site.

Six day’s to take spot perfecting what I’ve been taught to display…

Faith mastery….

Easily seen through having the property of transmitting rays of light through its substance so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen. This is…


by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I wear my emotions on my sleeve, my struggles on my chest, weights I bare on my shoulders strapped like boulders they sink deeper into mind.

My fears penetrate the dreams claimed as my own; frustration rejecting peace when I lie through my teeth telling you,

“I’m fine”

Failures memories hunt me like game;

This game I tier of unwilling to cover it anymore. Time to shift my mind & roll-back like oceans tide into a place where the old is removed making way for my new paradigm.

I tweaked my perspective now my vision stands resurrected, motivated to leave my whole world effected infected by the word of grace, pressing towards the tittle of great.

No more fake’n it I abandon hypocrisy standing in the truth of Christ reality,

Letting my mind imagine, sopping up my hearts tears, I gather in my harvest sown when my prayers where thrown at the feet of the altar released to the Father.

In time promise peaks, then…

…I’m gazing at my purpose conceived in dream;

Now I’m a spectacle read of all men the life of Gods epistle code-named…


It seems at times because of past hurts and scares we would rather invite people into our cloud of misery then to walk in the healing power of forgiveness remembering the good that God has in store for our lives. Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, (Heb 12:1); This is…

Lay it aside

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Why do we hide behind the shadows of masked faces, invisible cases of hidden hurts;

Insecure wounds placed under garments of deflecting phrases…

…& so we play the game.

The game of strike first & show no mercy nor pity, cut them deep to the core of their soul;

Upon their memories of sunshine heap clouds of coal blotting out all remnants of hope, leaving their mind bound to the blood thirsty razor which dwells between teeth.

You see these are its rules of engagement, these are the battle plans of a shattered heart.

It builds great walls to cowardly hide behind; Exacting ballistically guided revenge doused in savage pride.

Like venom it spreads, the bitter language, paralyzing the spirits of those who entreat the company of a scarred psyche bent on self – inflation, reaping the benefits of relation mutilation.

How can such a one, any-one soul be saved from its plummet into this bitter abyss of bitterness?!

With love this battle can be averted, with the balm of kindness we can mend the hurts of history, & with gracious words of wisdom we can redeem the mind definitively removing the mask of shame.

Only then will you see your true self; but first YOU must free your mind…

YOU must forgive yourself laying it all aside….