I was thinking of how there are some people who indulge in the alcoholic experience & there are others who dabble in the “hydroponic” experience; I’ve thought of one more way to escape the cares of the world: Too partake in the divine nature, letting it all go while your…


(praising under the Impartation)

by Edward Limitless Taylor III

Drunk in the spirit like I took a sip of a 100 proof elixir, gotta get my praise fix ‘R I’m a get tossed, lost in the sway of the tragedies of life, the cause & effect of short sight;

My fight…

…Is to hold fast the truth of Future hopes;

Disputing past events, negative hints reminding mind of time misused leaving lots of thoughts left confused;

But Now!

Reckon mind shelf solid, vision making decisions with God like precision, leading an unveiled precession of promise caught in hand,

More than what past thoughts could’ve imagined;

Chasing dreams at full speed, no crashing, destination faith bank to cash-in.

Spent thought currency on grace & fervency, then unleashed them in a flood of urgency turning me on course, flowing free past all boundaries;

Binge’n on the taste of greatness, lift’n hands like raised glasses,

Toast’n to the favor God granted….

We who believe must continue through the trial’s & opposition’s that life brings. Trusting in God who gave us the grace-full ability to clinch our hands around victory: that is our faith which overcomes the world, this is what we must hold on to. Until our…

Journeys End

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

blood veins flow hope exchanged, from prison chains to free mind changed,

Rearranged sight towards the horizon shining with the fresh ray’s of day break;

My fate’s far from fake wishes, waved the past goodbye blowing anointed kisses.

My expectation doubt misses, my eyes are focused on the line where my faith finishes,

All words are loaded potent & powerful enough to effect change,

With-in the hour watch me tower over opposition standing victorious praising He who glorified us;

I pursue with more trust towards vision invested in the promise of greatness achieving all that was believed,

Watching the growth of faith planted seeds, reaping harvest,

Oh! How my soul starved for this moment shifted in a blink of an eye.

I rise from dust to beyond the sky shaking the foundations of heaven my cry;

Cries pour out tears from fountains overcome with desire fulfilled,

Thrilled tones, open the heart to receive honor, purpose, & dreams, returning to a popper turned King;

Swing with consistent motion rolling with the wind in step on this journey,

Till Heavens end….

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy. 1Pe 2:9-10


by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

God breathed inspiration into dirt, man made in the image of He thee essence of Three,

Spirit guided light abides with this fully filled soul that’s healed from the effects of deceptions death grip,

Ripped off the blinds of the mind, left captivity behind to press forward.

God’s hands enfolded layer’s of greatness, then shielded & encased it with faith filled jubilation;

Promise apprehended by the successors of patience,

Kings reign,

Authorized to exercise the right to effect change in worlds words framed.

What manner of abundant, glorious, merciful love is this?!

That rebellious subjects who should have been labeled rejects would be called,

The Sons of God….

An oral disagreement; verbal opposition; contention; altercation: violent bickering. Simply put an…


by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III


Laughing at the delight of the future…


Youthful enthusiasm now all I get is attitude spasms, more up’s & down’s then a fragile stock market,

You say that you can’t talk to ME…


To my opinion then… when I give it its taken as un-genuine, over evaluated statements,

Sparking over exaggerated reply’s; communication gone awry,

All I get is rolled eye’s when I give my reaction to your emotional action…

Wondering if I should just cash-in my chips…


On-slot on my demeanor bate’n me to flex in aggression;

my peace so contrary to this disorder at the border of my realm,

But I’m the commander of this helm & strait is the course!

I believe my love is a force to be reckoned with.

I’m a stitch this continual drip which turned into flood, fill-in the cracks before hearts shatter.

Love unstoppable stopping pride, stomping it with its insignificant toils;

Planting fresh seeds of love into your souls soil.

“Let’s end this heated debate”

let us sow to each other make-up kisses: let us donate peaceful fertile hope to our enraged minds,

Getting lost in the passion of oneness escaping into Utopia;

Far from the reaches of time….