The Moment when you realize the Value that was invested in your Soul, the Hope invested in your Dream… The Love given to you, for you… THANK YOU LORD❤

A Sincere Praise…


My Heart beats, my Voice bleeds the Praise deserving.

The chains of the curse are burning,

Falling into the ashes I leave behind…

My regrets turn into forgiveness of past decisions destroying Self…

This Bloody praise pours from a beaten Spirit searching for the healing Promised when…

The World was Saved, igniting redemptions praise…❤🖖

She Danced… Her sorrows away bursting through the scares left, imprinting her Soul… She Danced the Chains off her bound mind to find the Joy misplaced- Stolen! Even though it chained her ambition- She Danced, never letting go of the joy sealed in her soul. She connected to the Spirit within, the Divine captured her Sorrow, exchanging it for everlasting JOY… She Danced…

“Repetition is the only form of permanence that Nature can achieve.” – George Santayana

Breaking of The Dawn…


I release my vision from prision!

Too long has it suffered the cold, dank dungeon of Fear!

Screams of rebellion Pierce through the Darkness which over shadows the Door…,


An exhaustion of sowed tears, sweat mingled blood, and a Fierce desire too,


Breaks the circumstance!

A change of direction is given to a humbled repented Heart…



“To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.” – Walt Whitman



I’ve been told that “it’s the little things, that make the biggest difference.”

So I thought and sought after the council found in remembrance.

I saw the ‘after Failure!’

The stumbling block one tumbles into.

A Rut cut from repeated actions…


Life patterns which are shaped by repeated thinking-

viewing this portrait incomplete,

A Failure.

Falling Short…

Continually missing the Mark-

These thoughts repeat-



See it from a lesson point of view repeated until this new thought is in the mind’s eye,


Set erect.

A statue shaped by a Perspective made new.

Made to consume the fuel of Success found in this changed mindset.

Realizing it’s all how you see it🤔

Triumph or Tragedy sadly I’ve seen them both.

Learning, growing, becoming,


It’s a Miracle after all this pandering a New Day is granted.

Class begins again…