We all have a race to run, we all have a finish line we must cross, the question is how will you finish? Will you finish strong? Or will you limp across the line barely making it, if you make it at all; My hope for all those who are reading this is that we all will join faith with the Apostle Paul who said- “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.” (2TIM 4:7-8) Run strong Saints; know in your heart of hearts that the victory is yours… I dedicate this poem to the sent man of GOD over my life Apostle Waller, This is…

My Race

By Edward Taylor III




I’m gaining success, losing failure,

I’m gaining success, losing failure,

I’m gaining success, losing failure,

I hear my adversaries losing breath sounding like Darth Vader wheezing,


Wide open, I can see my finish line,

My past failures I left behind;

With every stride I glide, my feet strike the ground with the rhythm of a

Tick, tock…,

Tick, tock…,


I’m gaining success, losing failure,

I’m gaining success, losing failure,

I’m gaining success, losing failure,

My vision becomes clearer, my way I find, I tell myself,

“Just stay in your lane Edward”;

Word I breathe,

Promises of God,

My hope I cleave,

Victory is claimed with every meter gained,

I’m in the last turn,

“Okay, lean into the turn,”

“Hit your drive faze”


The finish line is getting closer!

My purpose is getting closer!

My vision is getting closer!


I cross the finish line in record time,


I’ve gained my success- in my marriage,

I’ve gained my success- in my home,

I’ve gained my success- in my ministry,

I’ve gained my success- in my finances;

I stand on the platform of champions;

I ran my race & finished my course;

I won this race called life.


Getting tired of the radio blasting the hottest & latest artist only, all day everyday, missing the classics I grew-up with in the 80’s & 90’s; Seeing how the artist coming out today have no depth to what their saying, it seems like all people want to do is just dance these day’s, call me old fashioned, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to dance but what about the music that moved you to think: To think about the way things are around you: To think about life and how you can change it for the better. So I put this call out to all the young men & women with the passion for a pen & a pad, go deeper in your thought let your inspiration inspire others & lets start a movement back to the…

Age of Poetry

by Edward Taylor III

Let me compose a question & let the melody provoke you to thought,

Can we make it back?

Back to the days, back in the day, when imagination was

accepted truth;

Back when honesty flowed off the lips with pure innocence,

Back when we climbed the ladder of innovation to reach the peak of creativity,

To inject words that caused people to say –

“Man that really speaks to me…”

I hope to see those day’s again, before man craved the taste for sin,

Before man sold his gift for a slice of bread & an illegal kiss…

Can we make back to this?

Back to when words had power, back before the radio projected mindless chants five times an hour,

Leaving me sour, asking questons like-

” where’s the freshness” ?

“Where’s the voices that spoke of love, heartache, struggle,

& triumph” ?

“Where’s the passion for the truth, the lust for righteousness” ?

Has it been abandoned?

Lost in the mix of money, women, jewels, & drugs…


Is that what you sold your birthright for?

Your moment in the sun, your 15 minutes a top the plato #1…

Come on son…

Can we get back to the age where we treasured the old

& protected the new?

Back to the age where words on a page resounded throughout

eternities gaze;

Can’t you hear wisdom’s cry,

Come back!

Come back!

Come back!

To me;

Come back to the age of renaissance,

Come back young King,

Come back to the age where poetry sings…

This is a poem I wrote during my church’s Together Ministry for the married couple’s; I bless God that I can share moments like this with the woman I love & who makes this life a…

Time Well Spent

by Edward Taylor III

From what I observe at this point in time people enjoying life sublime,

Husband & wife enjoying time shared, while the cares of the day begin to disappear as the seconds tick away,

Nothing left but the laughter of friends, displaying outwardly feelings held with-in,

These are the moments I enjoy, looking around at a world rightly fit,

This is life:

This is time well spent…