I wrote this poem to provoke you to think about how effective are your methods of discipline, now don’t get me wrong I use physical discipline to, when it’s needed, but whats the use if there is no teaching before after the act. To beat a child physically or verbally, just because your frustrated, pissed off, & angry is “in my mind” that’s borderline abuse if not full-on, I know that this is a touchy subject that is very subjective that is why I ask that YOU examine your own methods & come to the conclusion yourself where is the line between…

Discipline vs. Abuse

By Edward Taylor III


The sound of the belt ricochet’s throughout the house;

The shout of “Do what I say nigga!”


Takes me back through my blood line to a meeting with my ancestors to hear those same words,

“Do what I say nigger!”


Then I’m brought back to today to hear the belt…

I mean whip… or is it belt…? Crack the air once again;


This time the screams from a grown man are heard, looking up from the cotton field I see a naked man bound by iron,

I feel for him…


“Do what I say nigga!” shouts are repeated,

I guess this is the best way to teach them… right?

“This Nigger’s got to learn to do what he’s told.”


“BOY! You gonna learn to do what I say!”

Man I wish the border between discipline & abuse was clearly seen, so we can raise men & women without the malicious poison of mean,

These are our sons & daughters, generations which will remember us long after the world has forgotten our names.

Ask yourself parent “How can I change this?” the next time you reach for your whip… I mean belt… or is it whip…? To correct Your child or is it to break your slave?

Your sons & daughters or… Are they Niggas, more properly Niggers;

Let’s as parents not redo what’s already been done, can’t you hear the cries of your young one?

“Teach me!!!”

“With love…”

Wash Me O,LORD in the shower of your grace. Let me gain patience in the testing space of faith; that after your will is done my promise may come, I stand waiting, craving for My…

Tipping Season

by Edward Taylor III

I pour my dreams into the soul of the ink; pen caresses paper & I sink into timeless space, my mind blinks still photo’s link the past to present with future glimpses, creating His-story.

Mingled in this caldron of emotion are vision’s of an appointed time, where grace imparted faith tips the scales like added weights;




Drops sprinkle my face, like fresh rain to a wilting rose, now glowing with expectation, My eye’s excite at the tilting of vessel’s containing favors fresh milk, my arms extend to receive a long-awaited embrace, my dry mouth longing for the taste of life, the taste light.

Stream’s begin to flow from the overhead container this begins the division between lack & fulfilment with perfection being the remainder; no reminding residue of the sin conscious mind – clear of any variableness of shadow.

That old man of the flesh has gasped his last breath in sins death. I begin to live, boasting the sovereign power of my king, I stand under his downpour thirsty no more…

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. (Pro 4:7) This is a quest for wisdom & understanding. A journey from the darkness of the mind to the enlightenment of the soul. This is…

I Can’t See Right

By Edward Taylor III

I still can’t see right? So I write the vision plain as a flame in the night: But I still can’t see right?

So I write down my hearts desires waiting for the manifestation of my expectations: But I still can’t see right?

Amongst the raging waves of thought my hope floats on a life raft of promise: But I still can’t see right?

So with a breath & one motion to my knees, emotions linked to tears like branches to trees, my cries pour out: But I still can’t see right?

So I take two steps to the left to alter my view, then my eyes open to see Me free, known of the Father before I first knew me;

Why couldn’t I see before the blessing that surrounds: Why couldn’t I taste before of the grace that flow’s from crown to feet?

I rest in amazement seeing all that grace came with; enabling me to apprehend all that I was apprehended for;

Much more than a shell of a man, now in Christ I stand. Look in my eyes & see a soul redeemed;

In the quietness of thought hear my heart sing, hear the voice of salvation ring;

Behold the light of men, because without him your understanding is still darkened,


You won’t be able to see right…

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: ( Matt 7:7) We have entered into the seeking season & this is my prayer; MY LORD…

I Need to Know

I will to know of he who cloaked me in his love, to know of the spirit free to soar above all names;

I need to know the king who reigns in all domains, I need to know, I need the revelation –

I need my revelation of you for me to see your everlasting power & strength you reign with to grip my salvation;

Never erasing who you made me to be, see this is my plea, please greet me with the light of your word,

Enlighten my eye’s of understanding,

I AM –

Standing with open arms…