Ever have one of those moments where something you’ve thought about all of a sudden makes sence? It’s like a light bulb comes on in your head and you come to the realization of a great mystery, well this is a poem of one of those moments, this is an EPIPHANY ( A sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.) of ME…

An Epiphany of ME

Edward Taylor III

God shines down on ME;

The sun smiles down on ME;

I can feel the rain drops of hope that fall to refresh weary dreaming…


Delighted gazes pierce the silver shaded sky,

Rays of praise parts the grays so I can see…


God shines down on ME;

The sun smiles down on ME;

Seeing the melody of life flow like musical notes on a page they show…


A mystery accompanied by blue nights & diamond days they play questions,

Who am I , who am I supposed to be, & most importantly, who did God create me to be?

The answers are revealed as God opens the seals, like an ancient book, exposing…


I look up to see God shining down on ME;

The sun smiling down on ME;



Smile back…

And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. (LK 22:31-32) We stand! We stand on the front lines of a battle which rages in our minds; there are times where it would “seem like” this battle goes ill, BUT TO GOD BE THE GLORY, this is a battle in a war that’s already WON, Therefore I stand with my arms raised & my fists clenched, my shout joining the symphony of victorious lifted voices as we declare to the enemy…

You Can’t Sift Me!

By Edward Taylor III


What are these thoughts trying to penetrate the sanctuary of my mind? What are these invading pressures trying to compel me to lend my members to them?

Pictures of enticing images parade themselves before my mind’s eye. I feel the heat of the fiery darts as they attempt to ignite the senseless passion lying dormant with in my flesh;

Then I catch sight of a second adversary lurking in the shadows; heavy with gloom are the dark unsettling clouds of depression, circling me like a pack of ravenous wolves,

Cold & thoughtless is this spirit with no remorse it seeks to destroy all that I hold dear, then I hear it, the unsheathing of a sword wielded by the third agent of darkness sent against me;

Offence is its name & with carefully chosen words it takes aim with the intent of unleashing ego, anger, & pride, the three-headed beast I keep under lock & key;

I have to stay on guard because with well placed & timed offensive words I could be thrown off my highway falling victim to the three-headed beast. I feel a bead of sweat fall from my brow as the raging battle takes place with in me;

Taking up my spiritual sword I cast down every ungodly thought that tries to exalt itself above my King, remembering the promise I have, my faith begins to compass me about as a shield strengthening my hope quenching all thoughts contrary, as overwhelming forgiveness overruns all offences,

I begin to see piercing rays of light penetrate through the darkness, I exchange this heavy spirit for the garment of praise, I rejoice at the remembrance that my LORD Jesus prayed for my faith to fail not, I shabock my King, then with a loud shout I let out my decree of victory,

“You can’t sift Me”!!!

A thought came to mind about two things, beauty & attraction, two things that seem to be so alike but yet so different. For instance if you see an attractive person the most common thought that comes to mind is”wow he or she is very beautiful”, but if you make your conclusion just off of that glance you may miss what truly lies underneath.


By Edward Taylor III


Attraction is often confused with beauty;

You see beauty is so much deeper than a simple chemical reaction like attraction;

Beauty has many dimensions, each holding different extensions, of ones inner light…

Like a crystal prism: no matter how the light is reflected whether by joy, love, or peace, you still get affected by beauty,

& just don’t limit beauty to three, there’s so many reflections the mind’s eye can see;

beauty is beyond skin deep, it’s a place attraction try’s to reach… tries & fails;

You see attraction is much more shallow, delicate, & fragile;

Though attraction can have everyone eating out of hand, inside its fading away like sand atop the hour-glass,

Stand from a distance & you might be enticed: But peer ever closer & you may see a soul gasping for life,

Look past the looking-glass to see a little girl or boy frightened & scarred,

Left bitter from words that were planted to harm, faking confidence so not to sound the alarm,

“I don’t need anyones help”

Attraction may say:

“All I need to do is bat my eye’s”,

if a man-“flex my chest”,

or if a woman – ” raise up my breast & smile”,

” They’ll all come running to me”;

It’s a pity attraction, to be so blind to what beautiful eye’s can clearly see;

When will you realize that beauty can be also found in thee;