A moment shared between Father & Son. This is…

My Son…
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

My Son lay’s his head on my chest; the rhythm of my heart beat soothes him, the timing of my breath moves him to rest. I look at the spitting image of me right before my eye’s; it’s amazing to realize how beautiful this gift is, so peaceful as he insists on using me for a pillow. I look over his features discerning which ones belong to me. I thank God for his spirit, his attitude paints a perfect picture of me at his age, my parents take pleasure when they see me chasing My Son around, they say paybacks a mother isn’t it, I just laugh & frown as I continue to chase him around: But in this moment all is at peace & a Fathers heart is full of joy looking down at my slumbering little boy. My Son, my tiny little man, lay still & dream safely in Daddy’s hands….

Abduction- Law. The illegal carrying or enticing away of a person, especially by interfering with a relationship, as the taking of a child from its parent. This is…

By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

“Back in tha day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again”….

Remembering way back when I was a child holding my pain with-in, driven to sin: a mark of one trying to fit in. Mistakes taken with a grain of salt, I remember screaming in the mirror, “IT’S YOUR FAULT”. Time taught me through harsh tasks to master my maturity: but Me is all I wanted to be. See my childhood was all good- from the outside, yet inside a little child was struggling to survive.

I went from rejection to rejection until low-self esteem became my inception, the tears I shed fell with perfection. Silent screams raptured in dreams, escaping reality through my imagination helped me build dreams worth chase’n; I wrapped them in a fist of iron to keep them protected, vowed that my life will be one respected. So much held in, misunderstood thoughts found strength in a pen; when ink mated with paper, the purging flames of desire forged the nature of a fighter.

Years went by & I’m older now, bolder now, but this world still seems colder now: I sit wishing I could find that inner child now; I’d tell him thanks for the memories, for the joy found in the midst of the storm sent to destroy; I wish I could find that little boy who sat back watching cartoons. Reminiscent thoughts lost in the view of the moon. I’m hoping that lost little boy would be found soon….

“Back in the day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore, but somedays I sit and wish”….

I only pose one question to you: What will you do with the time you’ve been given? This is…

Time Calls…
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

In life times burdens pass weights off on shoulders as fragile as glass, yet strong enough to carry the load, pushin pass the temptations to fold; felling the chill of time, winters wind blows cold, unforgiving pressures pull at my strength until I obtain an attitude that won’t quit. Time squeezes out every ounce of patients, like grapes in a winepress, feeling expectations stress: but knowing time has a great reward in store. I press through the unrest to stretch into the age that is timeless, mind less involved with Failures’ comforts, realizing discomfort comes when I begin to believe; believing that the dreams I chase are worth capturing. Factoring in time, like each word is formed into rhyme, I consider my actions. LORD teach me to number my days, I can’t spend times value away. I await the call from Time telling me to coruem daou before the sand behind the glass fades away; so I say “to Hell with all my doubts & the fears that breed them”, My time is spent capturing my dreams, even if you don’t believe in them….

To simply put it this is a prayer of desperation

By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I proceed to the throne, every weight I bare has the stench of ” alone “; I boldly come with my situations laying my burdens down, asking if you would lift my cares hearing my cries of despair. My heart bleeds as my soul pleads for your strength- I’ve come to the end of myself having done all I could do, God I need you! Bring me through, remember your Son when I call please don’t let me fall; lift me up all I need from you is one touch, one taste of your grace, just one word to erase and replace all doubt. I lay abased in humility hungry to be in your presence, your loving comfort thrusts me into complete reverence. I need you O’ God. I am desperate for you; activate the hope that lies with-in. One word of faith is all it will take to… change my life….