An imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained; in other words…



“what’s My fantasy woman like?”  


She is a golden road to paradise; twice she has drawn from the well of my heart dipping into pools of romance and desire- at the center an unquenchable fire, blazing, grown’s of lust uncaging, for She is my fantasy.

“How did we meet?”

She caught eye as I entered into the room her fragrance consumed my senses,

Her sculpture I found delicious, my heart growing more ambitious with each step towards her.

(She turns)

In seconds our eyes lock, our souls talk, together we walk into a life one can only imagine;

glancing at her lips as they utter expectation

our conversation turns to verbal love making,

embracing mutual genius.

“I can’t believe this!”

our laughter shake’s heavenly rafters, “what?”, she asks- her voice the  tone of the finest silk.

Her lips carried the sweetest hint of milk chocolate.

Each second spent with her infinitely drives this want….


(eye’s open)

“The illusion ends…..”

It was a moment in the dream line of time;


was my fantasy.

My eye’s close once again;

my mind flows reflecting on a not so distant reality, recalling visions of an alternate casualty,  

“I’ll find her one day!”

“I promise….”


sitting back listening to my favorite grooves by The Roots I fell into insperation and wrote this…




The formal way

Of courses lay upon muddy ground directed by ruts


A poverty mindset

 But I,

 Course correct

 Looking up to see the guide to the new

 The same view of lost ships set a drift

Moon-shines, stars reach with a light hand, & morning intrudes on it all 

My heart calls

Too new ways of thought finding self-resting in wealth more than monetary

Values of truth speak magnitudes upon the ears of the youth


Hearts closing I find the rose of life still growing

 Into perfection with every lesson

Still hoping for a passing grade

When my soul is examined


The end of days promised….  

The freetyping series continues with a poem I wrote to music from the artist Goapale-“Closer”, This is…


by Edward (LIMITLESS) Taylor III

Closer & closer to my dreams it seems every step means newness, as I go through this journey, I learn thee principles of life experiencing lessons through my struggles… Right?

So at night under the shade of closed eyelids the mind screen plays & hours turn into days… This dreamscape is vivid, as I look back, I could have sworn I lived it; My hope so close I clinched it, holding it in hand I stand in path picturing life “on-demand”, calling out to the darkness & deep commanding it by the power of speech…

…Calling it what I want it to be,though it seems contrary, my fears I bury, stepping out on a ledge to grasp passion, fruit that shall remain standing atop my legacy unashamed… Righteous!

Once we where in the bonds of a guilty conscience, once our past sin’s choked any hope of freedom: But now our way of escape has come; (Rom 8:1) There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Prison of Vanity

by Edward Taylor III

I had a dream I was crashing into moments, blinded by the glare of memories;

Misdirected missteps led me to a void of emptiness,

In this, existed dreams which became toys of affectionate wishes.

Here – vision groaned for an exorcism out of vanities prison, with bloody finger nails creativity clawed at the wall of deceptive reality,

Painful memories & fearful moments bind the mind leaving it blind, Subdued by consistent doses of disappointment,

Until original purpose & intent became merely faint voices in the distant wind;

Here dominant are the figments of the imagination, which offer fragments of dis-eases…

A sudden shout grips my ear,


“Grab my hand & I’ll lead you out!”

Grace grips my hand resurrecting hope, faith opens the prison gates, my footsteps pound the past I swiftly forsake,

As I exit through the gates of condemnation the mark of bondage is suddenly erased by one word forgiven…

I had a dream I was living in purpose, a King drinking from the fountain of life, having escaped the corruption of memory, free from the bondage of who I used to be…

(Matt 5:16)“ Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Be taken away by a peaceful escape from the hectic world around you, step into a place where the reflection of light awakens hidden beauty on a quiet shore, let it inspire you to let your light shine, & awaken the hidden beauty God has placed within you…



By Edward Taylor III

The calm ocean waves reflect the blurry shimmer of moonlight as it struggles to penetrate the thick hazy sky. Clouds litter the midnight sky only allowing a glimpse at the striking beauty they conceal.

The stars are hidden by the collection of vapors heavy with the burden of rain, as the clouds move on, the night is transformed by a sudden burst of light, it overwhelms the eclipse of darkness displaying the nights hidden beauty;

The Oceanside comes to life with the crashing of glittering waves; the smooth sand sparkles like a sea of crystal shards, the rocks show their great strength as they stand as a barrier shielding this great treasure from the rest of the world.

My eye’s take in the majesty that is before me, words begin to flow through my mind exciting my imagination, I try to capture the right words to describe this scene of serenity–

(I begin to write)

“The moon mirrors the greatness of the sun reminding me of the great light that reflects out of me”….