In your darkest time where it seems like nothing else can motivate you forward, not even a hope for you too cling to, it is in that time you receive an enormous strength to push forward from a voice inside you, seeming to come from out of nowhere, to remind you of your expected end. This is…

A Still Small Voice

My vision dims looking down the barrel of a dark tunnel, seeking for the light at the end.

Footsteps I count as the waves of the past wash them out, behind I find nothing that attracts my focus- “so this is the path to my dreams”? I ask myself.

The ground I walk on is covered in broken promises, which pierce my blistered skin like shards of glass under foot.

My blood and sweat testify of a determined heart, yet, in this darkness the temptation to part from path beckons me the more.

I was so sure, when I awoke from a fantastical epiphany, that everything would be so easy.

Oh my breath is wheezy, my chest heavy with the weight of my desire.

A tear falls becoming lost to the flames of my heart, evaporating my burdens into the budding sky, where my dreams lie.

Wishing I could fly to the end of this journey, but for this path I have been named worthy too walk the tracks of my future, shaping it with every step,

Hope keeps my soul far from death and yet I see no light at the end,

Then I hear a voice, which sparks an explosion, consuming the fumes of doubt in its brightness.

It speaks these sweet words softly to my soul, “continue to walk for you shall reap the blessings of your heart, if you faint not”….

You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” before; well If a picture is worth a thousand words then a tear is worth a thousand pictures. There is so much of the soul captured in a tear, if you will, I would like to interpret the words a tear can display. This is…

Tears Have Voices

Free falling like a diamond studded shooting star, shimmering in the darkness,

Reflecting the reflection of moments treasured.

History is secured with-in my bosom, several occasions I can speak from, choose one.

None can know the burden I carry, the joy and sorrow your heart buries.

Such cruelty,

Such kindness,

I, like my brethren testify of this, the outward expression of substantial fervor,

By definition I pour from the flesh of the observer, furthermore, I am the server,

carrying away the weights that rest heavy on your soul,

Molding every emotion into a portrait.

Slowly forming speech that speaks of sheltered feelings lingering on the mind.

I find my purpose in the emergence of the soul.

Oh! The secrets that I hold.

The heart that releases me I see as fearless and bold.

Though cold is my existence, my time is wrapped in a short journey of self purging, truth bursting, in what is displayed.

A shattering impact, I kiss the ground, fracturing like a flowed crystal under pressure,

I lay broken,

With my purpose served and voice heard I leave you with this thought

When your tears are observed,

what story did they tell when they fell, heavy, with many words…

Change can have an effect on the course of a life, so profound, its ripple is felt for generations. In the time it takes to breathe the moment is decided and your life will never be the same. This is…

The Breath of Change

Simple seconds tick away but the effects are strong enough to alter a day

The way has been re-adjusted stagnate footsteps have been thrusted

By its abruptness plus this is timeline surgery giving direction with urgency

Avoiding destruction maintaing course in its function provoking moments of anxiety

Resting in trust transformation happening to adjust

Just one second shifted the arrangement to avert ambush

Emergency intervention to change a thought to a decision

Quenching distractions flame before it rose with the attraction of a rose the snare of the soul froze


Hinderance will be tolerated life will flow as God made it

Your dreams will produce the works they painted that’s why he saved it

Your road to demise his breath changed it

Like a funnel of wind rise up and take it the victory you where ordained to embrace it…


We all have a hope after this life is done, a final destination, a peaceful reservation; this is mine. This is…



My eye’s close,

The clouds open,


Revealing the way to a golden road

Which rises from the misty ground

Surrounded by praise I follow my


Drawn by rays of light I’ve never


Before me is a scene so beautiful it’s

Almost unusual this feeling that has

Overtaken my legs weaken and


Knees shake when pearl gates open


To me My history is read to me as


Name is declared from a book titled


There is a settling of heaviness


Upon my shoulders I’m at a loss for


A tap on my arm brings me back to


Dream seen I lift up my head the


And awe of sweet solace brings


To eye’s once filled with hope


Promise now with no fear I hear the

Call to


And dwell in the grips of loves

Embrace-ing tasting truth

Far from the bitterness of deception


Stepped in to the courts of

Righteousness my feet land upon a

Crystal floor the torture of morality I


No more lonely nights visited at

Noonday I stay where I prayed for


Freedom an exquisite deliverance I


Once again as if spine was broken

With-in then a smile rises on a


Sculpture frozen with gratitude I am

Moved emotions catch motion as I


The dawning of a familiar friend…

I AM home again….

This is an exercise of thought using the word ten to create a flow which contains a story or moment or many doorways depending on how you look at it. This is…


Ten opportunities in front of me

Ten doorways open up to me

Ten pathways to take

Ten ways to Change my fate

Ten dimensions to explore ten choices beyond this floor

Ten dreams make picture perfect dramatic scenes

Ten tears of joy flow

Ten crowns cast down as knees hit ground

Ten reasons to give thanks

Ten times Ten bring one hundred ways to be thankful again

Ten breaths taken before Ten footsteps land Earth shaken

Ten sun sets Ten glimpses of beauty imagined

Ten seconds pass until ring is handed

Ten years when vows are renewed

Ten mornings given

Ten moments captured capturing true love smiling

Ten wishes made into Ten hopes which transformed thought to Ten words spoken

Ten desires craved

Ten reasons my faith never caved

Ten thousand years in eternity

Ten reasons to obtain Gods promise to me…