When you are welcomed by the morning Sunlight shining against your Resting Dream come True…

Good Morning…


IT’S Todays’ Anniversary!

Celebrated when my eyes rest on a beautiful sunset at Sunrise.

Rising in emotions,

My love soaks in a vision of you.

The vision of you holds me tightly to this reality-

Awoken by…

“Repetition is the only form of permanence that Nature can achieve.” – George Santayana

Breaking of The Dawn…


I release my vision from prision!

Too long has it suffered the cold, dank dungeon of Fear!

Screams of rebellion Pierce through the Darkness which over shadows the Door…,


An exhaustion of sowed tears, sweat mingled blood, and a Fierce desire too,


Breaks the circumstance!

A change of direction is given to a humbled repented Heart…



This is a poem I wrote while relaxing listening to my favorite I-Heart station free-writing what came to mind, this is…




Clear as a Caribbean pool,

Our usual shade is fifty one shades from grey

I gotta say we need more day sky to get us to the,


Visually lusting after my vision, purpose driven,

The pattern of my life I’m fix’n.

The heart of soul points its affections towards sky,


You and I can fly when we set eye’s beyond starlight that’s why we fight for our,


Two walking with one mind-

Too finally find pure skies,


This poem is the best way I can express how I feel when I hear the voices of wisdom when I remember them; This is…




Thinking back, linking photographic memories to still picture,


remembering the smiles of loved one’s departed from sight;


I even miss the fights, the disagreements, & the laughter that followed after pride was swallowed.

I remember my Elders through the wisdom they gave me; I remember my Elders through their words,

they live on,

for their care fashioned me strong.

I must go on pushing through the pain,

I have to go along with the plan that took you out of hand and into arms,


I can’t wait to hear your stories


 I wish I paid more attention to them when you where before me

not realizing their value I erred thinking they bored me

I hope you have forgiven my youthful foolishness

I wish I could’ve done more then this;

wanting to show my appreciation I will live-

in your words

you exist,


taking your correction

your wisdom muscle still flex’n

to my friends I’m professing your words

such a blessing

knowing your watchful eye is still glaring, your voice still blares your cultured catch phrases:


“SAUSAGE, boy get out the way”,



I catch the tears that attempt to call you back hearing your words to keep me on track;

you tell me to stay focused, the more you loosen your grip on the past the tighter you can take hold of your future present’s

“you can’t put new wine in old wine skin’s”

“you live your life”

“We’ll be here always,



in your remembrance”….

An imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained; in other words…



“what’s My fantasy woman like?”  


She is a golden road to paradise; twice she has drawn from the well of my heart dipping into pools of romance and desire- at the center an unquenchable fire, blazing, grown’s of lust uncaging, for She is my fantasy.

“How did we meet?”

She caught eye as I entered into the room her fragrance consumed my senses,

Her sculpture I found delicious, my heart growing more ambitious with each step towards her.

(She turns)

In seconds our eyes lock, our souls talk, together we walk into a life one can only imagine;

glancing at her lips as they utter expectation

our conversation turns to verbal love making,

embracing mutual genius.

“I can’t believe this!”

our laughter shake’s heavenly rafters, “what?”, she asks- her voice the  tone of the finest silk.

Her lips carried the sweetest hint of milk chocolate.

Each second spent with her infinitely drives this want….


(eye’s open)

“The illusion ends…..”

It was a moment in the dream line of time;


was my fantasy.

My eye’s close once again;

my mind flows reflecting on a not so distant reality, recalling visions of an alternate casualty,  

“I’ll find her one day!”

“I promise….”


A song titled “A Drop in the Ocean” by Ron Pope came on inspiring me to write. This is…

 Sentimental Value 


Tender moments in hands full of future

love suits her and him again embracing face to facing

place to places

changing from perfect picture too speechless

to speak this heart secret-

 be quick!

before she’s gone, love long, desire strong,


Tender moments in hand…..    

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I dedicate this to my one and only true love, my valentine, This is…


Stage one: Seen you from a far, a delicate star, with buried scares brought to surface making the feeling in my heart grow urgent. I had to travel hard after you, so few can measure up to who you’ve become, one in the midst of a crowd, so distinct I call you “Gods finger print upon a cloud” possessing beauty so rare I can only compare the delight in eye to the sight of a fine rose blossoming under the morning sky.
I feel light on my feet yet heavy in thought, until hand reached out to this fantasy woman who stalked my every dream, caught…,

Stage two: Change scene, through fantastic conversation I now see the value of patience. Spending my currency on time with you who keeps me appreciating our love escalating higher and higher bursting into an unquenchable fire. Flames ascend beyond the limits of sky reaching past the point where angels fly until the will of HE who gave me you brings me to…,

Stage Three: We two agree walking in a covenant of fellowship. I AM wed to your smile, to your eyes and the way they dance a waltz between hazel and brown; your sugar I found to be sweeter than the taste of the finest candy. I am frozen…, paused in appreciation, your heart has become my haven.

I remember the days I prayed! then you crossed my path a delicate treasure preserved behind glass, at last my soul is eased from it’s lonely torment, no longer will my love lay dormant; I now live daily dwelling in the arms of my love who saved me…,

GOD, I love you baby….