At times we find ourselves caught in a place between commitment and forfeit; those moments are when you have to dig the deepest to find the strength to keep fighting on, to give it one…

Last Shot

One shot lost before I had time to let my tears reload feeling like I got sold a no win ticket feeling stuck in my place like a widget is true love a gimmick or will it show for what it is something worth holding on to besides a house full of kids where’s my home the place my peace can freely roam I guess I missed the caution signs was I really walking that blind was loneliness the cloud in my mind I thought she was sent to be an Angel to rescue me not to be the source of frustration waxen old wearing down my patience feeling the place in my heart’s growing vacant still waiting for my bride to uncover the real trying hard to disregard what I feel starving my inner desires to do what I will and kill all the grief in my life… Let me load up one more shot to sling breath at doubt when it shows up keeping my eye on the promise until I grow up I hope to reach it before all hell blows up in one aggressive out burst I’m through carrying the stresses God take this weight that presses the pressures seem overwhelming ignorant kind words aren’t helping what is it worth merely excepting that this is what it is time to reboot the program ‘Successful’ or wrap love in grave close for it’s burial….

Mega Dream is a poem I wrote to an instrumental created by a great producer called GRADEAY who can be found at check him out and I hope you enjoy. This is…

Mega Dream
Music By GRADEAY, featuring Spoken Word By LIMITLESS

The closure of my eye’s opens up new skies of Gold plated clouds dripping platinum seeds the ground breaths hope released in atmosphere speech peaks of holy mountain tops decorate forms of revealed mysteries no longer sealed instruction comes with no corruption from flesh is left in dimension level 3 spiritual eye’s see visions of ordained prescriptions handed to Gods oracles heavenly physicians monitor star positions where the carnal can’t even dwell still they lie dead with no avail the carnally minded strive to press into this spiritual rest but at best it’s foolish to them this domain belongs to Men of spiritual DNA walking the paths where dreams play the reachable game hungry for positions that the Great I AM came to attain back we reposes what God gave before the exit of Adam 1 ran-out of Gods favor in the garden ‘WE’ reinstalled by Gods Son here all seen is obtainable promise grasped by hands reaching towards doorways spoken open… Ssshhh listen to the utterance of my epic dreams….

Conclusion- a final statement or end to a matter. This is…


Can’t wait till I see my seal broken open treasures soak in motion coasting through my avenue few get to view life from highest like this brightness brings spice to this quit nice with this abnormal crisis flipped now it’s righteousness might with this power position portion when I listen to heavens rhythms my vision gets driven mission focused success minded I shed’d my past fast on the gas future heading direction blessing nesting on my throne resting haven strived for this poured blood sweat and soul for this white robes shine in this righteousness right fit I was made to carry the weight of the glory of my King God Jesus I sing praises to him Christ made it with-in formed and fashioned by a trial of fire conformed to a faith perspective from the lowest to the highest crown by his GRACE through faith MERCY I’ve been found lost no more sorrow is no more stopped the tragic tears that fell from blind eye’s that now behold Life Christ anointed thankful to be a Son appointed too the abundant life of TRUTH….

It Wasn’t My Choice. This is a poem that was sparked from a discussion in my College class concerning Ethics and Diversity, it was brought to light on how quickly we judge a person based on no more than their outward appearance, skin color, manner of speech, the way they wear their cloths, how their ethnicity, age group, & finical position is depicted by the media, the list goes on. What I took from that discussion is that none of us had any say on how we would enter this world, the only thing we do have the power to influence & effect is how we live in the world we see; that still remains a gift from God: the ability to effect a change- if he has given that gift to you and only if you recognize it & use it for the bettering of those who pass through Your world. This is…

It Wasn’t My Choice
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

To whom it may concern,

It wasn’t my choice that my ancestors where hunted and gathered, stripped from their homeland, and viciously removed from their roots; they where shoveled on board ships piled on top of one another treated like animals forced to the slaughter.

It wasn’t my choice that the monarchs and patriarchs of the American Blackman where sold as property: the selected would go to the highest bidder screaming, “winner winner chicken dinner,
pack ’em up boys them My niggers.”

It wasn’t my choice that many would die in transit or that many had to struggle to survive in conditions inhumanly drastic.

It wasn’t my choice that stripes on the back of my forefathers would create a wound generations deep, even after Lincoln preached his copper tone speech.

It wasn’t my choice that the past heartbeats of slaves escaping to their freedom would still be heard in the music, the poetry, and the pages of true American History.

It wasn’t my choice to be born in a country that hates my skin; hated because I tan better than them, or am I hated because I’m seemingly more athletic, or is it because my history reminds them of their sin?

It wasn’t my choice so stop asking me “what you do’n here boy?” Stop questioning my motives when I’m stuck in an elevator with your insecure conscience- you reck of fear.
Stop assuming you know what I’m thinking.

Shall I apologize because you’ve been seduced by the media monsters’ propaganda?

Shall I apologize for the way my people struggle to survive committing crimes because they to are also blind: But let me remind you that it was you who limited their opportunities: it was you who caroled them into ghetto reservations gave them guns flashed material gains shipped in drugs you spread your money around to entice told them this is your God you must love it to death- & so they die daily. Let me remind you that it was you who fooled them into thinking your way of life was the key to happiness, fine clothes, nice cars, beautiful women, you advertised the lie that this is clean live’n; & you have the audacity to whine about the violence and atrocities you observe when it was your brain child birthed from an evil heart that started this madness pouring gasoline on a spark turning a minor candle flame into a fiery hurricane.

I just want you to think about that before you deflect the blame for Americas pain and remember that it wasn’t my choice that I came: But it is my choice to make a change to the course of all this chaos bringing order to the blood line of Kings & Princess’s. it is my choice to make a change that will imprint generations that will grow strong & tall rising above all, it is my choice to change the world I see- starting with me….

Sincerely yours,
An American Black Man

This is a journey of realization; realizing that God has shown himself faithful and true even though we may not always see his goodness, his favor, & his mercy: it’s almost as if we’ve become drunk on the thought that we have total control over every aspect of our lives- even the unforeseen situations that are obviously beyond our control and influence, this is a poem of those trapped in such a state. This is…

Trust Drunk
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

It’s simple to think that we have absolute control over the days and the ways they unfold,

We hold tight to the graphic thoughts of taking each step according to our own direction, giving correction when things go sideways, not realizing our sight is like rats in a maze;

Be amazed on how in the beginning of each day sun-eye’s rise wide open to all things made new,

True steps taken when one realeases from hand the insecurities fears, darkness,& shadows;

These like bee’s seek the aroma of selfish addiction, control freakin think’n all should follow like lost ships too light flash,

Beckoning the blind to find deep pits to fall in calling them the cauldron of ignorants, running solo counting on self conjured mojo;

Stop, freeze please take photo for this posing idol fitting in a self framed ideal, boasting the tittle of “know it all” yet can’t find rest in nights stress,

No one close to confide in, each devil you name friend, no one close none can come in too invade this mentality “me against the world”- fallacy,

Crying, “how could this be the real me,” sighs when mirror replies with a wink, “just me and I kid care for a drink of distrust?”

Built walls of iron bars no one in no feelings out safe from harm withering carelessly though wrong;

You may say,”I trust the almighty,” yet your heart hides its true intent feeling sour from feasting on bitterness, soul too bruised and thrashed from harsh words repeating, “you’ll never be more than trash”

Broken self left shattered edges aimed at anyone approaching, letting daggers fly like bullets from gun until all fell two, one.

Left next to none dimming eye lies seeing shadows flee from sunrising lighting path to freely believe; now come to the realizing through all time God…

He has been the source keeping heart beating even feeding starved soul: He awoke spirit provided life to flow: He paved the way of escaping the dungeon of disfunction;

It was his Son that was hung, then spilt blood rushed, in the end faith won when one became sober in mind realizing all this time, I AM is the LORD God-‘Trustworthy’….

When your purpose pushes you beyond the point of no return, leaving you face to face with your greatest fears, feeling that at any moment your defining triumph will appear hear your inner voice screaming from with-in, YOU’VE GOT TO…

By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Every step taken registers as earth shaken

No fake’n this passion is lit ready to lift energy beams to next level scenes

Expectation screams desire turns into hunger which turns into greed

Selfish for what’s mine no longer waste’n precious time each step leaves caution behind

Out of breath dream killers left shut-up twisted up by their own words sent to bind

No place remains for distractions to find I’ve got only one mission

That’s to make life changing decisions in line with God sent visions

Each step eating away at my pathway gaining ground until my promise is found

No mayday or bailout I’m on purpose so the option to fail is cast-out

I stay in route moving from a stagnant oasis to a flash flood

Shouts pour out when the weight of this press try’s to convert into stress

Surging dreams to the forefront of my mind reminding me why

I’m on this mission giving my all ditching the temptation to fall

It’s these words ghost written on my wall

Words my driven spirit observes when they call saying,

“Come on Man of God don’t give in don’t quit reject the pain when your muscles burn & your lungs scream for rest you’ve got to give it all you’ve got cause Champion is your title & lot let these words resound like a hammer pounding steel rushing like lightning striking the ground let it be sealed these prophetic words revealed;”


We often question the unknown when where faced with a decision that has the potential to drastically alter the course of our lives. In that weighty moment of hesitation we find ourselves paused in thought, resting in the middle of an intersecting crossroad pondering the future, asking ourselves one question which contains epic consequences…

What’s to be…?

What’s to be…?

When I speak to the wind and my words ascend into the atmosphere changing the direction of courses, fear and courage divorces, my boldness burning bright as torches.

What’s to be…?

When I see the horizon brighten and my strength increases to my light rising.

What’s to be…?

When the open doors welcome me in, my eye’s opening to hopes with-in, heartbeats rush, muscles tighten like wrists in hand cuffs; this is it! The reward- the result of giving myself wholly to the vision hatched from minds eye sight.

What’s to be…?

When my desire collides with pregnant wishes and my dreams escape their captures prisons craving the tasting of freedoms dishes.

What’s to be…? When there is no end to time, where eternity grasps my hands and whispers, “your mine….”

What’s to be…?

What’s to become of the generations after me? I’m hoping they see the rising of their horizon upon their path. Let their destiny find them when they ask,

“What’s to be…?”

Who knew

Who knew
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Who knew that the kindness of a butterfly would pollinate a rose that would bloom becoming pleasing to one man’s eye.

Who knew that through the pain an eagle would glide above the hurricane finding peace from the stinging rain.

Who knew that two hearts would form a new beginning from their two ends two hearts become lovers birthed out of the trials of their faith these two hearts find an embrace.

Who knew that the feud kindled by their haters and debaters fueled from their actions would strengthen their attraction.

Who knew when two hearts become one the darkness that covered would be rebuked by the blinding light of their love exuding protruding from two hearts become one.

Who knew how few would be excluded or how many where included baring witness to vows up held despite the plait to end all they sacrificed to fight for they’re two hearts become one they stand upheld by the strength obtained from heavens Son these two hearts become one.

Who knew that these two hearts would agree to be joined on task treasuring the present valuing the past planting seeds for the future reaping a harvest that would last.

Who knew two hearts could do what’s been done with eye’s looking forward guided by Gods Son who knew that years later these two hearts still remain young for these two hearts are become one…