Everyday brings an opportunity to change everything in your life… If you take the time to catch…

Opportunity in the Breeze


The invincible,


The dependable, all powerful, inhale the spirit riding the wind;

In the breeze-

In season, like the fresh blooming budding Rose receiving the heat from the Sun sampling the rain

Falling are the walls,

Tumbling down,

Now all I see is open potential so essential believing this Dream of a Visionary never varies.

I’m riding the waves upon the sea of time with a net grabbing mine….

Opportunity in the wind….

When given an opportunity to see the beauty that is You… Take a deep look. A look past the daily dooty bound Self and it’s life trials- the stress, the miss steps, and regrets that ride the waves of your Dreams like pond scum… But in that I found…. 

Hidden Treasure… 


I’ve escaped…!

Into self, indulging in what’s been unearthed.

Rubies, Diamonds, and Jems hidden…

Deep in the darkness of shadow.

A treasure trove buried under ash, ruff, and coal dust. Busting through, too unsurface the beauty in this…

Refelction of Me..,

Hidden in Darkness…