We Live…! We Grow into better versions of ourselves getting closer to discovering and uncovering who we truly are… While Putting this puzzle together remains a… 



Repairing the broken Man in the mirror;
Looked inside the whole, Black, No light exists in the shadows clouding the Real…

“Who am I?” tried to get the answer through methods unusual-

The path took me down a road ignorances cursed, then Wisdom dispersed its light, shined on pieces broken…

“Heal Me….”

Words echo, shaded by closed eye’s…

“I can’t take looking at my Broken Mirror…’


It Burns from within… a desire to reach my hand too those who are in need… Let them see what Dreams this… 

The Fire Starter Sparks


Living in the rhythm of time- 

Heart beating, never ceasing from burning,

With Flames scorching, scribing-  

Written etchings.

Scratches on tablet.., 

Dream language, 

Glowing with the Fire that reads, 

Here thrives a ‘Heart Driven Desire….’