I want it BAD

I want it so bad I can taste it

on every breath,

reaching upwards towards the next


this is a “life long” project

my projection making course


every word pushing me with no


mind-time thoughts on creation


my paradise awakened leaving no

spot vacant.

I want it bad enough to cling to hope,

“are you gonna give up?” nope,

seeking to see what I spoke when


caught glimpse of present;

new reality pressing to make

imagination relevant

benevolent thought making everyday

Christ-massing in thoughts coherent

perceiving soul awaking to new day

given mirroring movements


in dream state finding time to


than it’s back on the grind to put it

simply the only unknown is how


time, so I find motivation birthing

diligent demonstrations to satisfy the “I

want it BAD” craving success I push

site past life’s stress to obtain what

vision protects, My righteous position,

accomplishments seen after test



at last….

Taylor's Poetry Corner

A Princes Desire

To expand my position, the expense of time I’m risk’n, lost in the hesitation of decision, craven the release from frustration still lusting to taste life’s sweet breath; O’ how my soul so desires to take it in,
…So close…
My hope is to make it in before my time expires. Prayers bleeding hearts desires, tear drops igniting flames which stretch & reach until my dreams are gained. I continue to preach my soulful longing, I must bear down beyond the oppressive distractions that I may obtain the treasures dwelling in hearts eye. FLYING beyond the boundaries of doubt; having arrived at my long awaited expectation I take up the strength of my staff & begin to reign….

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Perspective: a visible scene, especially one extending to a distance; vista. This is…


This is how I in vision the World;

I see clouds part, darkness embarks on an endless journey far from me;

I see whole soul formed and fashioned out of what Christ imagined;

I see the deletion of history that stood as bondage to me;

I see me free reaching for Son, no cords of sin left them broken & undone, I am free to run;

I see me beyond the frustrations that tempted me to end me;

I see eye looking to sky tears of joy fall as I fly higher shining brighter;

I see treasure chests opening releasing everything owed to me;

I see a life of prosperity no-longer hidden or held back dreams reaching like a rose through concrete cracks;

I see my tracks formed out of struggle ruts erased like scares on face;

I see every promise brought to completion seeing what I saw when God speaks them;

I see burdens lifted, curses made none excitant;

I see perfection on a canvas painted with the blood of the Resurrection;

I see no more pain inflicted by the arrows of shame, no murders attempted in the name of greedy gain;

I see change in it’s progression the young learning from our harsh life lessons;

I see the doubt virus vaccine injected, blessed newness,

I see a future called fruitfulness.., is this my dream only or are others pressing for the same prize?

I see me giving myself wholly to this thought.

If you’d ask me what I’ve seen, you may or may not understand me when I scream,


(….End scene….)

I dedicate this to my one and only true love, my valentine, This is…


Stage one: Seen you from a far, a delicate star, with buried scares brought to surface making the feeling in my heart grow urgent. I had to travel hard after you, so few can measure up to who you’ve become, one in the midst of a crowd, so distinct I call you “Gods finger print upon a cloud” possessing beauty so rare I can only compare the delight in eye to the sight of a fine rose blossoming under the morning sky.
I feel light on my feet yet heavy in thought, until hand reached out to this fantasy woman who stalked my every dream, caught…,

Stage two: Change scene, through fantastic conversation I now see the value of patience. Spending my currency on time with you who keeps me appreciating our love escalating higher and higher bursting into an unquenchable fire. Flames ascend beyond the limits of sky reaching past the point where angels fly until the will of HE who gave me you brings me to…,

Stage Three: We two agree walking in a covenant of fellowship. I AM wed to your smile, to your eyes and the way they dance a waltz between hazel and brown; your sugar I found to be sweeter than the taste of the finest candy. I am frozen…, paused in appreciation, your heart has become my haven.

I remember the days I prayed! then you crossed my path a delicate treasure preserved behind glass, at last my soul is eased from it’s lonely torment, no longer will my love lay dormant; I now live daily dwelling in the arms of my love who saved me…,

GOD, I love you baby….

After I come to begin to realize my vision, I am all about my, Grind: to work or study laboriously, an excessively diligent student, of my Dreams. This is a….

Vision Moment

The tears I shed pour blankets of red fed up with the old tattered bones collecting dust in closet

so I took a step back to look at the
passing frames of life and paused it;
dissecting past discussions with Self

(the meaning of think twice)

My life passes in front of eye showing me what I believed to see plus a split screen on display called prosperity in destiny

bare with me somethings I can’t recall
specifically but what I know is I won’t
fall or crawl on my belly

I can’t bare the thoughts of my King speaking you failed me

so I press to see my life in plenty…

That’s why there’s no rest for me….

Come with me on a journey searching through the depths of the innermost heart; This is…


Deep thoughts sink into the space between seconds… …where the gates of eternity rest.

In the heart of man they stretch they’re broadness & stature, gates comprised of spiritual matter.

They guard the way to a sacred place where hidden lies the face of truth.

There, in the place I Speak of, the place where not even the depths of sadness can reach rests a fortress of spiritual peace;

behind the shroud of consciousness rest gates that say, “Here Resides the Truth of Soul…”

Proceeding through the gates I enter the courts of truth,

I enter blackness….

In front of me a chair plays center piece to this mysterious decor;

In front of it a door stands open, lit like a theater screen, its corridors full of images of a life wonderful,


I’m exposed to Truths light.

Incoming soul too rest in the knowledge of thy Self revealed, healed, and endowed with wealth.

My soul felt delight when given the gift of life. My wilting spirit received breath to stand animated.

Self took steps searching deeper with-in, then landing in treasures crest I found scales which weigh Times worth,

I sit in the chair positioned in the midst of nowhere and everywhere, where I wait for the outcome of investments made since birth;

Here I will discover my value, my hearts worth, my validation hidden beyond the two gates I searched….