Don’t Speak! We stay silent to avoid attention, to hide the issues and problems we are forced to face, or to keep buried the screams of pain just to keep the appearance of strength for those you care about….. SSSHHH-

Don’t speak!


Don’t Speak!

Just keep it inside bottled up;

keep it contained so it wont erupt.

Wipe away every trace of pain so they wont point and stare-

like they actually care.

I just wanna disappear into the dark-

into the quite shadows of…,


Don’t speak!

They’ll know of the pain endured daily,

“on the scale of 1-10 how bad is it?”

I reply,


Now let me hide these features of inner turmoil struggling to a boil…,




(Jam 1:25) But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.


Taylor's Poetry Corner

by Edward Taylor III

I never knew I would’ve made it through with so much in
front of me still yet to do.

Oh LORD you know the time & the season, when I’ll find myself in front of the door, open to limitless possibilities;

I’ll go in this time having received liberty to walk free, a prince
sitting among princes I’ve been made to be.

The LORD caused me to stand still when I would’ve retreated, By Gods provision I found what I needed,

The past I feared – I’m no longer doomed to repeat it;

The enemies that besieged me are now defeated.

Through all my trials Gods seed still remains, through struggles,
heart ache, & pain…

God showed me the difference between that which endures and that which is vain,

Nolonger carrying the shame of my history I’m now able
to walk in Gods…

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I am just in wanna of those moods, again, I sit trapped in…



Random thoughts connect a pattern of mistakes I wish I could’ve changed the face in the mirror wiping away the condensation so I can see clearly who I’m facing- breaking frustration; these naked screams deep from with in this flame has risen to bring execution to the words of shame felt when condescending looks pierced armor breaching Soul But now they’ve been captured in forgiveness thus rendering them speechless on death row awaiting the word, “Removal”, of ignorance for GOD spoke This, “My Son, FLOURISH!!!”




I press into the midst of the crowed with every key stroke, liking jokes, mental notes, and quotes;

Tagging an invite while posting precious insight- well, at least in my sight…

I write the signature of my Soul in every word, hoping to be observed in the midst of the,




This realm is a whole new dimension,


Did mention…!”