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Sometimes the call on your Life can seem to be a great burden. Even though deep down you know, “it’s My cross to bare.” This is mission possible, 10,000 Financially independent families by 2020, powered by SURGE365 www.surge365.com/TRIPS4HOPE . A mission I except along with my fellow Surge365 World changers. But sometimes, as noble a call it maybe… Strength is definitely needed…  

Enter into His Rest


“Escape away in the moment, take a moment.”

Take a break?!

I wish I could take a brain pause; but this Mission of Good, Wills me forward even to the point of exhaustion…

I try to run away to the paradise in thought when…

Reality as I know it tries to control reactionary impulses.  My mental fuses. Me, Myself, and I discusses. Sitting agitated by what seems to resist my persistence to break away from…

So many problems and issues. Wiping concerns off on mental tissue these issues irritate…

Man I could use a break. But Life won’t wait, the Mission must continue..!

“I must deliver this great Hope….”

While it’s Today, I will spend my time wisely…


I wake up to get my taste up, time for time too pay up, and get it in, Fat Joe style,  

“I’m all the way up!”

Putting demands on today, Commanding the morning, spiritual word play.

Staying on target, laser guided path painted and marked, no misfires, like the morning Sun my heart stays ignited.

Focused on my mission-

infiltrated the Fortress of Doubt, clasped its pillar’s, and ran out waving a high hand gripping the courage of a Dreamer-


Assassinating guilt and regret dissolving the old nature re-birthed into a Dream creator, while time passes by in a cloud of vapors.

Watching my ship come in, The only reason I’m at the Dock of the bay watching my mistakes roll away.

I guess I’m just killing time today…

Writing with ‘Let it be’ by James Bay playing in the background- let’s see where this melody will take me…,



A warm sunrise energies from a razor edged horizon,

It pierces the darkness in a magnificent display screaming,”TODAY, is the Day!”

The Day of all things possible, I’m positively thinking of the greatness before me,

 In hands stretched to the sky. 

Limitless abounding while on lookers stand astounded

and the foolish are left confounded wondering how I got around-


The problems that haunted my mind in the midnight.

The inner prison bars broke from their hinges from this amazing light, 


These thoughts wrapped in a soft Morning breeze,

Whisper my very Dream…,

“Let it be the Day I make history…,

Being Me….”


I rest my minds eye on a beautiful view….



I look at life a different way viewing the past as where I’ve been not where I stay changing by the moment from morning to  today the flame is lit I spit kerosene upon the canvas adding light creating a spark in each feature with the stroke of Decision putting to thrust the paint brush of Life…


what some would call…

A SpokenWord-


I found myself on Social media checking on what was posted; I paused my frantic scrolling on my Cell Phone and asked My-Self this question, “if I’m constantly looking back and looking for what was done or said in the past… Am I truly moving forward?



Why do I constantly look back? (Scroll….)
Am I trying to track down where I went off track
Or is it that I’m trying to track down where I lack?
2 minutes ago
15 minutes ago
(Scrolling back)
29 minutes ago searching for the answer to the Question in That Lesson;
Constantly scrolling back trying to trace my footsteps back to..,

My path…


Sometimes we get so caught up in the urgency of completing our task, trying to grab that last piece of the puzzle that will bring everything together in our lives that we find ourselves forgetting to commit our ways to the Lord, we find ourselves lost lacking Gods direction, we find ourselves burning with intense…

This speaks to my today, even tho’ I wrote it five years ago!

Taylor's Poetry Corner


By Edward Taylor III

My sense of urgency is burning me,

My tears fall with intense fervency,

The hunger for purpose is yearning to bursting free,

With my eye’s of faith I dissect my path with the accuracy of a surgeons craft;

I can see past the clouds of gray looking forward to my sunny day;

So I pray with expectation, actively wait’n, for the day I will change this nation,

Realizing greatness is patient I turn from frustration, depression, & unrighteous aggression,

I calm my spirit that I may learn my lesson, immersing myself into wisdom,

Preparing my mind to comprehend vision;


My anxiousness is taunting me like Edgar’s crow,



Nevermore will I allow the trial of my patience to vex me so heavily ;

My urgency is urging me to launch out before my time,

But I will not trade my…

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