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Happy Father’s Day ❤❤❤



I pretend to be indistructable. 

Hiding a heart full of love for you, resisting the urge to smother you, holding you tightly in arms. 

A Breed driven to protect and provide all the love required to send you soring- 

Hiding jems and pearls of wisdom in lectures- 

Seeming boring, but, they’ll be all the fuel you’ll need, sheltered in your heart My planted seeds… 
Let my Love carry you in your times of need….❤

Sometimes the call on your Life can seem to be a great burden. Even though deep down you know, “it’s My cross to bare.” This is mission possible, 10,000 Financially independent families by 2020, powered by SURGE365 . A mission I except along with my fellow Surge365 World changers. But sometimes, as noble a call it maybe… Strength is definitely needed…  

Enter into His Rest


“Escape away in the moment, take a moment.”

Take a break?!

I wish I could take a brain pause; but this Mission of Good, Wills me forward even to the point of exhaustion…

I try to run away to the paradise in thought when…

Reality as I know it tries to control reactionary impulses.  My mental fuses. Me, Myself, and I discusses. Sitting agitated by what seems to resist my persistence to break away from…

So many problems and issues. Wiping concerns off on mental tissue these issues irritate…

Man I could use a break. But Life won’t wait, the Mission must continue..!

“I must deliver this great Hope….”

Everyday brings an opportunity to change everything in your life… If you take the time to catch…

Opportunity in the Breeze


The invincible,


The dependable, all powerful, inhale the spirit riding the wind;

In the breeze-

In season, like the fresh blooming budding Rose receiving the heat from the Sun sampling the rain

Falling are the walls,

Tumbling down,

Now all I see is open potential so essential believing this Dream of a Visionary never varies.

I’m riding the waves upon the sea of time with a net grabbing mine….

Opportunity in the wind….

When given an opportunity to see the beauty that is You… Take a deep look. A look past the daily dooty bound Self and it’s life trials- the stress, the miss steps, and regrets that ride the waves of your Dreams like pond scum… But in that I found…. 

Hidden Treasure… 


I’ve escaped…!

Into self, indulging in what’s been unearthed.

Rubies, Diamonds, and Jems hidden…

Deep in the darkness of shadow.

A treasure trove buried under ash, ruff, and coal dust. Busting through, too unsurface the beauty in this…

Refelction of Me..,

Hidden in Darkness…

I see Myself in you Son…

I See…


I see myself in you my Sons. I see the expression from the faces of past generations. Threw  your eyes I can face them and thank them for this torch I carry and will one day hand forward… Thinking of the Men I’m raising, Hoping this World changes for the better… So I threw on a cloak called ‘Salvation’ to brace its cold, charging through its Darkness in search of the beckoning Light… pointing the way, a path for Generations to follow…  “Why Dad?” They ask… “Because I see you in Me…”  

There is a struggle, as Eternal as Good and Evil, with-in, a struggle too let go… Of ancient hurt’s, disappointments, broken promises made… to yourself… To revisit the old decay of the past, is depression- and today, it’s time too let go… 



Dear Mr. past,

(That old man which clung to the looking glass, being an acting mask)

Truth has come to clash with your dimming point of, 

 Viewing every situation cloudy…

This is your forced Resignation-


No more debate- 

I see the door open, my way of escape; I now claim the God given title, ‘MASTER OF MY FATE’…

OH, and you’re fired

I recommend you discard some weight.

Pay more attention to every precious moment.

To every smile given; 

To the laughter heard pouring from loved ones.., while they still can be heard… 

If you do this Mr. Past, 

If you comeback with the lessons learned..,

Then maybe,

Just maybe your spot can be re-earned… 

Prayer, for me, is a sanctuary from the troubles of this Life; Prayer is where my cares and worries are heard, where my Weakness is made strong… To ALL those that believe.., Prayer is where we find…

A Peace in Prayer


I look at the reflection of Soul and see an image I haven’t seen before… 
I walk closer to the reflection, not understanding that, when I move closer- 

I begin to change into the very image that beckons me close…;

Joy begins to overflow and compassion pours from eye’s whose seen the extraordinary…. 

I AM with you!”

I hear, and a peace that I have never known washes over me…. 

I AM Home….”