This is a poem that looks at life in an abstract way, this is…

Curtain Call

The curtains lift, the stage is set, my eyes open too view grandstands full. I feel the pull to engage what is written.

Reading what’s between the lines I embark on a journey full of trials and victories.

On display is a story which originated in the thoughts of eternity; a story branded upon the hearts which beat with fierce desire, speaking, a beautiful ballet shrieking;

Time is a stage.

Life- the manipulation of words on a page.

“Stick to the script”, is what they say to me; they want me bound to these black letters on page, these black letters that rage, confined to a two dimensional cage.

(excuse the rhyming I’m trying to gauge my timing)

Moving in fluent motion, choreographing a toxic potion, this is a performance for the ages worthy of creations praises.

Swollen with emotion I unleash passion instructing it to feast on what I imagine.

This gesturing is everything hidden in a character phasing from scene to scene.

Different back drops and props add flare to what’s on display: tragedy, success, struggle and joy all laid bare in symphony,

is it me or the actor you see, participating in the greatest show on opening night under the scrutiny of condemning lights,


my supporting cast lifts me passed the climax in this adventure to rest in conclusion.

In seclusion, behind the scenes, I reenact the theatrics of the past, thinking, knowing I gave a lifetime in each line– my thoughts are interrupted by a thunder of applause– then my name is mentioned in roll-call, “I’ll be there square, center stage”, I say, responding to the call of praise,




as the curtains raise…,

Once again– Life’s a stage….

This is a repost of my abstract poem “I WANT IT BAD”


I want it so bad I can taste it

on every breath,

reaching upwards towards the next


this is a “life long” project

my projection making course


every word pushing me with no


mind-time thoughts on creation


my paradise awakened leaving no

spot vacant.

I want it bad enough to cling to hope,

“are you gonna give up?”


seeking to see what I spoke when


caught glimpse of present;

new reality pressing to make

imagination relevant

benevolent thought making everyday

Christ-massing in thoughts coherent

perceiving soul awaking to new day


mirroring movements established

in dream state finding time to


than it’s back on the grind to put it

simply the only unknown is how

much time,

so I find motivation birthing

diligent demonstrations to satisfy


“I want it BAD”

craving success I push

site past life’s stress to obtain what

vision protects,

My righteous position,

accomplishments seen after test,



at last….