Awaiting the coming day with a FRESH Breath of Hope…., “LIFE…, is as you Paint it…”🤔

Hungry for the taste of Dawn…


It’s been so long…,


Now the time has come for the coming of the Sun!

A Dream daily rehearsed has awakened.

Reality is shaken.

It’s reshaped from immovable Stone-

Too moldable Clay-

A fresh canvas awaiting the Spray of Color…

The Shades of Inspiration For Today…


and BOLD…

With age, comes Wisdom… IF you take the time too listen to her whisper…



Almost unbelievable…,

This new space in time-consuming thought-

Where the air is clear as a winding crystal staircase taking you ABOVE the storm clouds of Life.

Refreshing is this new perspective which has settled into veiw…

My way is so CLEAR.

Every step on purpose, and I notice they’re a little lighter.

With each stride I glide forward

The Earth Trimbles with expectation…

It shouts to me clearly…,



“The Phoenix has risen from its ashes..,’