Anthem: a song, as of praise, devotion, or patriotism. This is…

The Anthem

Triumphant verses disperse from hearts fresh from battle

Heavy souls burdened with the spoils of war; prayer worriers

Emerging from the mist of spiritual warfare; violent shouts erupt hurling as the anvil drops cracking titanium shells it was

hell in the hallway until we passed through the gates of, “YAHWEH”

EMMANUEL: GOD in Kingdom, in Heart, residing in Flesh

Amazing life in Second Breath, spared from the devils dread, The Second Death

Never came for us, resting in peace, residing in the Holy trinity

This is the LORDS army!

Heavenly forces arranging all around ready, for, what may come, has already been done


Elitist commanded to do one thing -believe this-
Mastery comes in obedience to thee GOD of all whom made us to be Kings and Priests we stand with sword in hand soldiers wielding weapons of speech

victory layers the streets, King’s feet pounding golden concrete,
Saints marching in singing Spiritual hymns–

The Anthem…!


Some of us are fortunate enough to find that “Special Someone” that one person who comes once in a life time; this is a story of two people who took a chance in the game of love and WON. This is…

Special Someone

She looked with an intense stare, He viewed her with an engulfing glare, both seeking for their love to share with their special someone;

They both sunk deeper into one-another’s heart drowning in the intoxicating peering of passion.

Wanting to find that special someone they risked all for this love game to be won,

still, they came even closer daring to leap into this lust pool.

He used every tool in his arsenal, she knew his advances contained life changing chances, emotions held at bay behind glances which changed to face to face stances.

The urge to find their special someone grows into visual dances, eye’s flicker with light like stars in night, if your quite you might even be able to hear the pounding of two hearts yearning to be complete,


the silence is broken by the reach of an arm extending, his hand open, he waits for the first taste of warmth from another, she accepts his invitation- as if she always knew he would be the one to pull her through this




their love heals the void filling the desire feeling new Life’s fire contained in a story still being written the ending shrouded in mystery, but this they know for sure, that the search for that someone special exists no more….

There’s things I want to do while I have the opportunity; instead of waiting for the dusk of my life I would rather live life in its effervescent Sunrise, leaving nothing undone, this is…

Taking My Last

When it’s time for my time I want to be able too say I lived life to the fullest ever completing every aspiration savin’ nothing for later;

I want them to say I did what couldn’t be done when comparing my life to some the response should be there is none I am one of a kind taking my time appreciating everything that was used to complete Me perfectly weaving my dreams into what’s seen

before I take my last seeing the present open know’n the pain from the past is no-longer spoken before I take my last I will have already past through the glass too become one with the reflection, polar: me, myself, and I at one with Spirit, Soul, Body, complete in Father, Son, Holy

molding me into the man you see before I take my last I would love too have known the coast of Italy free falling from thirty thousand feet stretching the boundaries of caution-

forget living life on the edge-

I wanna inhale, close eyes, and launch before I take my last,

I want to adore my great, great grandchildren teaching them the ways of this family union passing down a wealth of inheritance, keys to excellence;

before I take my last I would Love! To hear, “well done my Son.”

Before I take my last breath passing from life to life never tasting the bitterness of death I want them to say,

“He savored every breath– as if it where his last”….

Just celebrated my daughters sixteenth birthday this poem is from a joyful Fathers heart, I love you baby girl; this is…

To My Sweetest Sixteen

Dear Sweet Sixteen,

I’ve loved you since the first day of conception; I remember waiting nine months for Gods greatest work,


it was and is my proudest day when I held you for the first time; accepting the responsibility for a life besides mine…, Wow, I’am a dad.

My Thoughts go back further when I heard God say a daughter will come first and as I alined myself into position,

then on one special day,

a beautiful baby girl was given.

I’ve watched you grow,

like the seeds of wisdom planted in your psyche,

into a wonderful young lady and hey may be you’ll still need your young/old mans hand to walk you down the isle-

but never mind that,

plenty of time for a Man to find you,

oh! but,

let me remind you that your Father will be performing the cross examination to see if he’s worthy enough to claim your hand,

“can he stand?”

Remember I AM your “#1 FAN”, my sweet sixteen,


“DAD I heard every word you said.”

“I just wanted to make sure,”

those seeds of wisdom still run deep in your head.

Just know I’ll be here as long as GOD allows me. I’ll be sure to make sure you take everything I give, that you may possess the freedom to live,

my sweetest sixteen–



There are times in life- well mine at-least, when you just need to toss everything out and start from the beginning, & this time, I’m doing it right! This is…


The password too access:


given via repented thoughts-

live’n the dream???

It seems to be right…,


thoughts have grown into decisions made that laid an uneven foundation making ways crooked;

frustration heating temper…,


over-cooked it,

booked my flight to my promise land

but on this journey I realize I packed way too heavy,


confidence may waver,


the mind field is blown; time to re-start, re-chart, and re-plot

My course reconciling myself back to my work divorcing the darkness in past from past hurts erasing fear,

now facing why I AM hear;

Pushing, hurling, striving to enter into That rest which houses That fresh breath containing hollowed foot-steps

rebooting mind to find resolve in this battle to disinfect my soul freeing it from infectious viruses sown by the enemies of my throne.

It is time to climb out of this blinding mist, showing creation,


is why I more than exist!!!

I often write about the events which take place in my life; this poem represents a close call I had doing the normal routine, just driving home from work. This is…

One More Time

One more time…

I get to reflect on a day gifted; present thoughts drift with the ultimate of benefits- life!

Giving thoughts, thankful, for the day the Sun displayed its ray’s walking through a portrait deciphering universe tapestries located in memory.

One more time…

I Get to see my seed godly activating the father in me, glad to see the growth of hope in eyes so young.

Thinking of how I all-most missed this chance, thankful that, that car just missed my van-

can anything breed gratitude greater than seeing your life end before your eyes, in an instant,

no longer will I take this time to despise what’s been given, Flashing forward to moments of now,

I vow!

That I will treasure every moment with those that cause my life to be full of joy

Every time giving thanks for my loved ones and every time I leave them I will be so thankful to see them once more I am so grateful for every embrace, so honored to once again taste my;

my one more time….