This is another poem from my brilliant daughter who seems to be fallowing in her dads footsteps. This is…

by Elena Taylor

What is jazz?
Jazz is smooth
Jazz is calm
Jazz is something that has been around sense I was young
Jazz is truth
Jazz is the onething that can people can say is”flows with the grace of god”
Jazz is flowing through our life like a river that last
Jazz is important to me because it’s not like music these days.
Music these days all they talk about is losing someone and fornication. But jazz has deeper meaning to a life period
Jazz is nothing else but jazz.

In the midst of a righteous heart burns a most intense passion fueled by an unchained desire; This is…

An Authentic Desire
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I want to be in the place where peace dwells where the fruit of imputed righteousness avails where the power of God prevails where I can see beyond my circumstance beyond my feelings beyond my own reasonings this is my desire to walk with a heart of holy flame pumping the blood of an overcome through my veins I want to will to do the will of my master a servant executing the desire of my Father a Son raised in truth dedicated to spread the word that I heard with signs & wonders trailing behind the light & power of the divine….

The Twelve Roses of tragedy is a poem I wrote after being inspired by the heart wrenching film ‘For Colored Girls’; the drama, raw emotion, & poetry in that film stirred up my creative juices moving me to write something that captured that same raw emotional essence, this is the result. This poem is meant for mature readers only. If you are easily offended by shrewd language & content you might want to skip this post. This is raw and uncut; you’ve been warned. If you like it please leave me a comment too let me know what you thought thank you for reading. This is…

The Twelve Roses of Tragedy
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I see you Sista, red eyed, eye’s full of tears & sorrow, I hear your despair as you tell your story.
“This nigga had the audacity, after all that BULLSHIT, to send some damn roses”, she said as she gazed at the roses in disgust, Her thoughts running in a chaotic fuss. She mulled over the representation of each one.

I suppose the first represents how I got swindled by his charismatic penis; seduced into giving up the gift I had preserved for my honeymoon.

The second rose must be for the time, after the tenth time, when I found out He was ten years married… That BASTARD! The third one must be the barer of his apologies; His, “I’m sorry baby”; His, “I’ll leave her next month baby”, and don’t let me forget this classic, “just be patient baby this is hard for me”, NERGO PLEASE; I’ll never forget the way I fell to my knees when you said, “I’m sorry baby but that’s not my baby”….

The fourth has too be for when I took him back after he said to me, “Baby please, my wife just left me after She found out about our two year old son”- Man I must have wanted some bbbaaaddd to have taken his dumb-ass back.
The Fifth one is kinda for the time you slapped me sooo hard I went blind for 12 seconds- right…? Thats all I can remember…?! Damn….

Six… hmmm… OH YEAH I know. Six must be for after that day when my cousins found you & them size twelves pounded you; settling the score when they nearly drowned you…, you dirty prick.
Seven must be for Deven- the only man who made me believe there is a God in Heaven; He made me believe that good men DO exist.

Eight… Eight is for the eighty eight tears I shed in the E.R. waiting room, while the Doctors tried to sow up Devens exit wounds left by your bullets. YOU MURDER!!!
Nine is for the nine months Deven & I had before you ended our time, I can still see the muzzle flashes left by your nine…, I hope you rot in Hell, I’m glad you got life with no hope for parol; Now it’s time for the healing of my soul.

Ten simply represents the end of this vicious cycle.
Well on too Eleven. Eleven has gotta be for the eleven days you have left before they through the switch & as you gasp your last I hope you see me starring at you smiling on the other side of the glass.

Twelve roses where waiting for me when I returned home that day. I was stuck, frozen, when I read your last apologetic token. It read, “I’m so sorry for the pain I’ve caused you. I’m so sorry for the hurt & the loss you must’ve felt or may be still feeling. This is my last request, Please forgive me for what I’ve done & please tell our son- “blah blah blah”….
I saw you Sista, red eyed, tears full of sorrow; I saw your despair. I heard the vexation of your soul when you said,
“I can’t believe he had the audacity to send me some damn roses”…
“Ain’t that some shit”….

“He’s/or she’s a BEAST” is a term I hear all to frequently normally attributed to one that shows an act of complete dominance in an area: However we Have forgotten that it was a fallen angel in the form of a serpent; a subtle beast with an angelic essence dripping from it’s poisonous tongue. Delivering truth suppressant’s that defiled the ideal definition of true good: darkening the knowledge of man, the light we no-longer understand, thus Man became Fallen Man. The first victim of Reality Theft is now left with the fading memories of a paradise lost. He now tells his story. This is…

Faded Glory
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

How shall I begin…? Let’s see… I know! Take heed, don’t ignore me this is the story of faded glory. It started out like any other day in the garden, I spoke my orders & creation would obey. Giving creatures a title was my On the Job Training; then I’d walk with God in the cool of the day. But this day was different, it’s like my hearts desire spoke & my imagination listened, next thing I know… I’m asleep; when I awoke I scoped my vision. This is Woman, for she came from my wound. My desire became her desire which consumed us both; turning us from welcomed friends to casted out enemies- For little did I know- in the shadows loomed a serpent equipped with a plan to entice Man with the very thing God restrained him from- LORD THE WOMAN YOU GAVE ME- & so I bit, hoping the vision of new dimensions would begin to exist: But instead my eyes grew dark, as if the light in them quickly departed; I looked at that Woman unable to understand what my eyes perceived, the shame of our nakedness…

…we tried to retrieve the Glory that clothed us, but our garments became Ichabod, we tried to cover our shame by sewing fig leaves then the cool of the day came. I crouched low, like a beast, but my judgement still found me; I even tried to pass the buck but still ended up stuck with the blame. Our glory has faded our sin exchanged it; it departed from me- all because of THAT Serpent enticing THAT Woman you gave me…
MAN…! Now with the sweat of my brow I slave away the memories made before time became a value: before the onset of decay. I’ll never forget the day I stopped living: the day I stopped spiritually existing, or that split second of rebellion- how can I tell my children I failed them- I died inside the moment I held them, knowing their days where numbered. So I tell you this Enoch in case God comes to you in the cool of the day. Heed your elder don’t let your glory fade away….

Dream- a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. This is…

Dream Walker
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Here comes the resolution to the pains & sufferings that disillusioned my vision of pursuing my dreams, my station in creation, my place to which I’ve been created to apprehend; so why pretend? That my fate is dictated by my past coming to grips with my true self at last, recognizing my wealth lies with-in; in-depth I found the substance of Me in-grafted in the trinity, Holy I must be having exorcised the demons in memory. With an uplifted consciousness I walk in the realm where spirits abide. There’s no-longer a gap between the seen & unseen. I taste my reality in every dream. Scenes I’ve expected to see pour out from my faith bank treasury. I’ve been selected to be one who can transcend from the place of mere men. I stand regathered in mind & body: I stand whole from spirit to soul. Among the clouds I now stroll, ascending & descending Jacobs ladder a multidimensional traveler, taking tours through the mysteries that once intrigued me & as they unravel I find truth to be tangible in all his grandeur & luster. I stand in a cluster of like minded spirits bowed before the Ancient of Days as I await the refreshing flow of word’s anointed. Overflowing with expectation, overjoyed from revelation exposure being spiritually drunk but physically sober, I come to my senses in the presence of my one true witness. Then as he begins to speak to Me…
My eye’s open….