Wake UP… to LIFE. The Light of the Eternal…

The Awakening


Life penetrates with a saber like light.

Too Fight!

The Dark deception-

Reverse the verdict, and turn failure into lesson-

Learned, and learning….


The Burning of Candle on both ends.

Time singeing its stain into frame.






Would say to this Spiritual display.


I give them a taste of Life anyway.

No way I will betray this inner desire for a light that shines the brighter.

As the Darkness dims….

For This Dream…,

I Fight on…!

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Just by Traveling….


In a dust cloud of frantic building, Trimming, and Forging Flames… emerges a figure Fashioned by Trials a Blaze. A True… 



Passion paints with perfect detail.
A courage presses against me pushing Me,


Departing from Fears as they faid into Ash.


Burned as I leave doubts atmosphere…

Breaking FREE…

Feeling Weightless-

I waited for this!

My Chance too Pursue the hidden Life..,

In Me…


Still in one of those moods… Playing ColdPlay’s ‘Fix You’ My heart spews thoughts, unconstrained , they burn hot as a Blue Flame….

Unrestricted Thought


I think about the unknown of time..,

“I have to walk this line…”

So I took the veil of the blind, and ripped it in two–


I see twin views

Missing time sensitive queues–

I’ve got to lose this!

“Remove this block-aid!”

MY Soul is thirsty for the taste of Freedoms rain,

Free from self-imposed pain;

I’ve got to retrain and maintain:

Spirit, Soul, and Body-


Too embrace



When two friends find themselves caught in a situation requiring both of them to make a choice between equally undesirable alternatives, ignoring what they really want, together they dance atop a knifes edge. This is…




What do we do?


Do we choose to lose this friendship for a potential love forever after,


or do we risk pain-


we  may never come to this place again;


Torn from remaining friends, we walk away from each others hurt feelings


never again speaking,




Do we venture into this wondrous bliss;


should we enlist this forbidden kiss,


or do we stay-




What do we do?




I’m ask’n-



We have had way to many tragedies lately envolving racism in the U.S. which ended in the murder of young black men and women; why can’t we understand that the only chance we have as a race of humans is to put down and abolish these petty hatreds toward one another!!! I guess where just too…



I hold on to the dream of a King;

dreaming of a world-wide accord,  

people actually striving together to reach the finish-line at the same-time;

if we all walked with one mind disagreements would become hard to find

walking with eye’s open,

wide is the view as we push through hatred, bigotry, and racism

finally able to see we all bleed the same scarlet shade,  

so why can’t we be sista’s and brotha’s?  

I guess we missed the memo:

“this just in we all stem from the same origin”,

so why can’t we be kin?

is it because of the color of our skin or are we just too fractured with-in

unable to call each other brethren “human race” broken and separate I guess when it comes to

world peace I’m somewhat of a skeptic  


Sometimes making a decision isn’t cut and dry, sometimes it takes serious thought to gather enough strength and courage to step out into the unknown; many of us have had a conversation going on in our heads as we weigh possible life changing options. This is…

A Double Minded Conversation



Why do I hide who I am?

Am I afraid,

that if I show my true self exposing my souls wealth I might get robbed of all dignity

and honor

Why when Self & I talk it sounds like a barter;

Self & I involved in a give and take debate leaving

Me to mediate:


I:  “if I show all, I may fall in front of everyone, my fear has become”-

Self: “ BONDAGE, to You and Me, COME ON”

I: “I JUST WANT TO BE FREE;  that’s what I told Me”

Self:  “BUT HE AGREED WITH my-Self.”

I:  “I can’t deny the truth Self, but”

Self: “What! that’s not enough?”  “I’m tired of feeling crushed. I WANT YOU OUT.”

I: “I WANNA GET OUT, of my shell hidden no longer, that’s the only way WE will get stronger.”

Self: “Finally we agree…!”

An imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained; in other words…



“what’s My fantasy woman like?”  


She is a golden road to paradise; twice she has drawn from the well of my heart dipping into pools of romance and desire- at the center an unquenchable fire, blazing, grown’s of lust uncaging, for She is my fantasy.

“How did we meet?”

She caught eye as I entered into the room her fragrance consumed my senses,

Her sculpture I found delicious, my heart growing more ambitious with each step towards her.

(She turns)

In seconds our eyes lock, our souls talk, together we walk into a life one can only imagine;

glancing at her lips as they utter expectation

our conversation turns to verbal love making,

embracing mutual genius.

“I can’t believe this!”

our laughter shake’s heavenly rafters, “what?”, she asks- her voice the  tone of the finest silk.

Her lips carried the sweetest hint of milk chocolate.

Each second spent with her infinitely drives this want….


(eye’s open)

“The illusion ends…..”

It was a moment in the dream line of time;


was my fantasy.

My eye’s close once again;

my mind flows reflecting on a not so distant reality, recalling visions of an alternate casualty,  

“I’ll find her one day!”

“I promise….”