Wake UP… to LIFE. The Light of the Eternal…

The Awakening


Life penetrates with a saber like light.

Too Fight!

The Dark deception-

Reverse the verdict, and turn failure into lesson-

Learned, and learning….


The Burning of Candle on both ends.

Time singeing its stain into frame.






Would say to this Spiritual display.


I give them a taste of Life anyway.

No way I will betray this inner desire for a light that shines the brighter.

As the Darkness dims….

For This Dream…,

I Fight on…!

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This is no Wish, there is a vehicle that exist.  

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Hope is where acts of Compassion exit hearts leaving positive marks, 


Just by Traveling….


In a dust cloud of frantic building, Trimming, and Forging Flames… emerges a figure Fashioned by Trials a Blaze. A True… 



Passion paints with perfect detail.
A courage presses against me pushing Me,


Departing from Fears as they faid into Ash.


Burned as I leave doubts atmosphere…

Breaking FREE…

Feeling Weightless-

I waited for this!

My Chance too Pursue the hidden Life..,

In Me…


Still in one of those moods… Playing ColdPlay’s ‘Fix You’ My heart spews thoughts, unconstrained , they burn hot as a Blue Flame….

Unrestricted Thought


I think about the unknown of time..,

“I have to walk this line…”

So I took the veil of the blind, and ripped it in two–


I see twin views

Missing time sensitive queues–

I’ve got to lose this!

“Remove this block-aid!”

MY Soul is thirsty for the taste of Freedoms rain,

Free from self-imposed pain;

I’ve got to retrain and maintain:

Spirit, Soul, and Body-


Too embrace



When two friends find themselves caught in a situation requiring both of them to make a choice between equally undesirable alternatives, ignoring what they really want, together they dance atop a knifes edge. This is…




What do we do?


Do we choose to lose this friendship for a potential love forever after,


or do we risk pain-


we  may never come to this place again;


Torn from remaining friends, we walk away from each others hurt feelings


never again speaking,




Do we venture into this wondrous bliss;


should we enlist this forbidden kiss,


or do we stay-




What do we do?




I’m ask’n-