sitting back listening to my favorite grooves by The Roots I fell into insperation and wrote this…




The formal way

Of courses lay upon muddy ground directed by ruts


A poverty mindset

 But I,

 Course correct

 Looking up to see the guide to the new

 The same view of lost ships set a drift

Moon-shines, stars reach with a light hand, & morning intrudes on it all 

My heart calls

Too new ways of thought finding self-resting in wealth more than monetary

Values of truth speak magnitudes upon the ears of the youth


Hearts closing I find the rose of life still growing

 Into perfection with every lesson

Still hoping for a passing grade

When my soul is examined


The end of days promised….  

EXPECTATION: the degree of probability that something will occur, this is…


I rest in a place where my stress is

carried away

like a leaf in the wind

my trust in you O’God

sees that it’s never seen again

no more damaging thoughts from a

mind locked in suspense…,

remembering this,

that my promise is yes,

so I add the amen

cosigning with Gods vision

for my life

the life he spared from an

eternal damnation,

a life MY GOD,

made through relocation,

a vessel fashioned through the fire–

furious test’n ensures my perfection,

anything less can’t stand

in the way of my direction striving to

enter into my rest in righteousness

when all is made for me to taste of and

see the juiciest fruit,

my liberty!

An uncaged imagination…

A God like station

my expected end

in the make’n….

There is something intimate about recording in a studio just you, your thoughts, & the Microphone. This is…

Microphone Seduction

She caught eye at first sight, poised in mystery, adorned in a sleek black satin gown:

I wandered what She had in store for me mesmerized by what I see, this beautiful silhouette in front of eye, this vision of sweet release ravenous for my word feast.

A platinum crown wrapped in black diamonds rest upon her head, her eye’s beckoned me closer and closer into her world;

She enticed me with her attentiveness her delight driven by every word proceeding from me; without judgement or critique she longed for me to speak, thirsty for what I had in thought, She held the key to release me.

I still searched for her identity even though her beauty had me in tow her tears begging me to flow joy and sorrow.

My troubles She absorbed, my dreams she adored, my imagination her ears tirelessly record; logging for every out-pour of my heart- which she held from the start.

Mystical was her pull as She pulled me into to her courts of love and desire, holding her in hand, she made me feel like a Man, when she turned to me saying enticingly,

“speak words to me”;


my one and only…,


Moon shine

Moon Shine

Created to be the reflection of you who anointed me with all glory do;

exalting the brightness of your shining illuminating darkness with light,



could this be the moment I finally rule the sky, high for all to see the gift coming from me?

My stage is layered with star dust from evening ’til dawn

in a moment day will come, ushered in by Sun; in a moment: my time to shine will be done until the next Dusk is sung…

I will shine again…!