Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot † see the kingdom of God.

Birth Pains
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

How frustrated are my desires, wanting to break-out into what I’ve always dreamed of; the place my heart always loved: But I struggle to break the cycle of the matrix; dreams kick, dreams kick, dreams kick like over lapping contractions I run gaining traction despite the recurring distractions.

This process is extensive; too stretch my faith as wings caught in the wind carried away by the grace given, my movements inch’n me closer to my breakthrough, hungry to breath my first. I grow more eager to finally exhale my dreams.

How my frustration intensifies with every denial I encounter. I double my efforts to break-out: but the more I progress the tighter the stress until…

One last push is demanded, THE PAIN IS SO MUCH I CAN’T STAND IT; then the portal parts, moving with great haste I accelerate the more, fueled by the anticipation of my first taste of freedom.

I’m out of the cycle of lack & frustration. I’ve been born again, blessed to exit the birth canal named ‘Transition’; I’m now in position growing stronger with every decision, staying true to the heavenly vision, MY GOD…, I have risen….

“And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof”- (Gen. 2:19). What do you name your situations, How shall you define your reality? This is…

Redefining Reality
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

March 1… 2… STEP”- A term that defines they which have been labeled as weak, they that now speak in cadence, marching towards what they once feared. These are the footsteps of those who are bold at hearts center, they enter the Frey with a mind to come out on top of the crop, stemming from a holy line that has no end, these Sons of God are become my brethren.

Eternal gaze- An out-look over all that is made possible by the promise of inheritance; A mind spending time giving consent to all the good creation brings in front of me, “loved I’m that”, it says. Its pathway laid in certainty, knowing that the King & I live eternally.

Determination- A soul which is time consumed, stocking the passion of haven everything God promised. A Spirit that shall obtain a level gained when the Lamb took flame and became the ruling lion hearted his blood marked it, heavens gates…, my finish-line target….

Here is the next installment to the Martyrs Chronicles, PT 2. This is…

The Beginning
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I remember it well, the beginning of it all; out in front of the store I stayed posted broadcasting the Gospel of reconciliation, God in Man. I was down to the last, all of me was dedicated to changing this system we call “reality” – where people walk as if they believe they’ve been given a failures script: but in my attempt I was apprehended by those that disagree, the self proclaimed “powers that be.” They beat me to see if I’d plead for mercy rather than suffer: But what they knew not is that even in my death I gain a promise that eclipses the pain….

I hear footsteps, I take a deep breath, my arms are bound; I’m taken & dunked into a watery pit like human waste. I sit in darkness my body riddled with pain… …am I insane, I ask myself, a gluten for pain? Yes, would be the answer of my old self; the answer now is the faith that endures to the end. I have embraced the pain; For me to live is Christ, to die is gain….

I wrote this poem after watching the movie ‘Red Tails’ which is about the Tuskegee Airman, a group of African American Fighter Pilots who flew during World War Two; the film inspired me to write this poem. I truly hope I’ve done their legacy justice. This is…

We Fight… We Fight… We Fight…
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

From the moment the engine cranks, to the taxi onto the runway, they we’re faced with the challenge of succeeding in a world designed for them to fail.

From the moment that first mighty breeze lifted their wings into the atmosphere of uncertainty: to the time they flew in the face of discrimination, disrespect, & segregation.

From the moment of calm before the first shots are fired, to the pounding of the heart when they recorded their first kills; They fought… They fought… They fought….

They fought for respect, they fought for love, they fought for their families & friendships: but most of all they fought for their Country…
…They fought for us.

“From the last plane, to the last bullet, to the last man, WE FIGHT, we fight! WE FIGHT we fight! WE FIGHT!”

A Leap of faith is a poem I wrote with the intent of painting the picture of actually stepping out of your comfort zone too reach for what your believing for, trusting that when you step off the ledge, you will not fall. This is…

A Leap of Faith
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Darkness surrounds behind closed eye’s. I’m standing at the edge commanding the light to come. Girding myself up in the garments of courage, the mark of a Son, I run, & run, & run until all is still…. I feel the release from all that oppressed me: all that held me back binding my footsteps to the wrong track. But here I have no fear, no doubt, nor unbelief; I’m free to extend my wings: I’m free to reach beyond the impossible. Disregarding the bitter seeds that where sown in a young heart; I’m finally starting too live the life I dream. I’m far above the storm clouds, looking down at the fears I once halted at.

My footsteps make their imprint in the clouds, I number them one through nine, on my way too ten I drop the weights that where rooted with-in, Looking up, I see the Star’s beckoning me to ascend; Then I’m hit with ray’s of hope shooting from a freshly risen sun. I take one breath shaking off any reasonable doubt, harnessing the strength of the wind, releasing the desires given I shout, “I CAN FLY”; there’s no fear of falling, just a serene peace I’ve sought since the day I was released from the spell of the beast. I now fly amongst angels, holding conversations with constellations, and it only took one extraordinary leap….

The Martyr Chronicles PT 1: Martyr- 1. a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion. I wrote these short storied poems which where inspired by true events of Christians being persecuted for what they believe in, some even to the point of death. I wanted to raise awareness of the fact that there are still parts of the world where what you believe may cost you your life. This is…

‘The Trial’
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I heard “Send him in” then two men grabbed me by my bonds; they blind folded my eye’s, punched me in the jaw then said ,”prophecy”! then another swing landed on my ribs, then a shout came from one of the guardsmen, “prophecy who hit you”!

“ENOUGH”, The Judge commanded,” let’s see if he can justify himself”; a small under-breath chuckle came from the judges mouth as he awaited my response.

“SPEAK your last words you “God fearing” traitor to the system”-
“have you no defense for your actions”?

I respond in kind, each word of faith defying the order of the blind. My voice chimed this rhyme…,

“Lord I thank & I praise you for saving me, from the deceptions of sin that made me an enemy, & by the commandments that you spoke sin took occasion: but by the foolishness of preaching your know defacing those lie’s, knocking the scales from my eye’s & opening my ears so I can hear the call too the Elect gathering together your selected few, from the foundations of the World that you for knew to be found in the body of Christ predestined to walk in eternal life; ceasing from strife & envy defiling acts that sin breeds; now I walk in the spirit that God breathed upon me; a Minister of flaming fire is what I’ve been called to be testifying about the Lords glory, telling the world that Gods real, not some man made story; so repent from unrighteousness before Hell is where your sent listing to the doctrine of the vail that was ripped”….

“SILENCE HIM”, the Judge roars. Then came another blow to the cheek which mercifully put me to sleep….

” what do feelings have to do with it “? Is a quandary you might encounter when you consider how you should respond to the situations & emotional demands of life. I bless God for his word that keeps me rooted & grounded in sanity. This is…

How do I feel…
by Edward Limitless Taylor III

How do I feel… Like my whole life’s go’n a stray;
How do I feel… Like given it all up today;
How do I feel… Like throwin my soul away….

Then I hear God say…
What do feelings gotta, What do feelings gotta do with it…?

My life in a whirlwind chaotic tale-spin don’t know up from down, cycle stays course, round & round,
Friends tell me ” dig deep” but no resolve I found; Just Sit’in here frustrated sippin the tears of a clown. I hear my wonderful counselor say; Son put that glass down, you have so much to hope for you’re on the winning team Son & the score is more then you can imagine or dream, you’ve already won, I’m taking your hand in my favor you’ll stand; I’m changing your name from sorrow to champion, from stepped on to step up raise’in you up out the mire & muck; I’ve prepared a place for you at the table of the esteemed for I’ve made you to rule…
I made you a King…

How did I feel… Like my whole life’s going a stray.
How did I feel… Like given it all up today.
How did I feel… Like throwing my soul away….

Then I heard God say…
What do feelings gotta, What do feelings gotta do with It….