I wrote this poem to the music of Coldplays “CLOCKS” the rhythm of that song gave me a sence of pace I desire to have when I’m focused on the things God made me to do. This is…


by Edward (LIMITLESS) Taylor III

Swifter & swifter I run blow n’ through every obstacle in front of me,

Till I see the horizon of my promise, climbing the steps of faith, growing with every breath of grace,

I pace myself with reckless abandon, pressing to grab what my heart imagined.

Looking at the speeding scenery I pass through the blossoms of the new,

Springing forth into life now opening to me like lilies thirsty to drink in the delight of an unhindered soul.

Swifter & swifter I run like a bullet from a gun, sprung into action by one word – passion,

Pass n’ the former I reach for the limitless existence I see like a dream bursting out of me, freedom awaits,

I crave to taste its fermented grapes stamped with ancient dates.

This rare opportunity has come to me; to go beyond the great & become The Good:

But I must be swift to enter, for this door can be closed shut, only being accessed by memories touch.

My hope must flourish so with haste I chase my moment, for MY dreams are no longer dormant…

This is a poem I wrote to branch out and expand myself as a writer & artist. I wanted to paint a picture in the telling of a story about ones hidden pain & grief, all the while others merly stand by and admire the gift of his tourtuerd soul. This is…

The Piano Mans’ Blues

By Edward (LIMITLESS) Taylor III

In the darkness Ivory keys are stricken by fingers that plead for rescue. Emotions pour out in every note captured by ear –

we’re all prisoners of his sorrow.

As he plays the biography of his soul, from an F-sharp to a B-flat, each key possessing a different chapter of his life.

His hope drowns, the down beat pounds, & his cry of despair is heard once again in melody. His story is told his tragedies & victories these cords hold.

His music we applaud…

…as he heaves a second round of whiskey down his gullet, his fingers slamming ebony keys like a mallet, hammering his inability to forgive him-self; & as he plays his dreams fade away softly.

His blues!

O his blues swings in tempo, his only company is a saxophone & drum cymbal, & while we applaud him, his heart weeps!

Can’t you hear him?

Can’t you feel his turmoil?

Oh! His blues,

O his blues,

Tis the sorrow of his fading dreams…

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers & Men who desire to be more then what T.V. portrays use to be. To The Fathers & men who desire to do more in our time to advance the next generation. This is my acknowledgment to all the Fathers. This is…

Black man Stand up

By Edward (Limitless) Taylor III

Black man stand up your woman needs you;

Stand up & take hold of your position rebuking division, inserting words of strength through loves incision.

Black Man stand up.

Stand up & be more than a long chained ape with a mouth full of gold fangs;

Stand up & be the healer of her scarred womb, speak life to her dreams buried in tomb;

Stand up & let your strength be recognized, let her see that your more than a tattooed, smooth talk in’ dog bark in’ mongrel of a mutt that likes to chase tale & fu…

…Fumble about;

Stand up & be about the Fathers business –

The business of being fathers raising sons that will reign as Kings, teaching daughters to be Queens;

Black Men stand up your women need you; let them know & remember who we are.

That we’re more the just dollar signs, tailored suits, flashy cars, & shiny rims,

We are Passion, power, devotion, loyalty: We are conquers of industry, rulers of our domain,

But for you our Queens & only you, at home we’ll be tender & tame,

Until it’s time to play your fantasy love game.

Black Men stand up! it is time.

Time to reclaim our minds, reconnect with our history, & stand as pillars spiritually;

I call to you my brothers!

I ask you where is your honor, where is your integrity, where is your pride?

Let the throbbing pain in your soul subside, allow your scares to heal in the ointment of forgiveness;

Regain your confidence –

Lift up your heads o ye gates!

Take your place amongst your families, take your positions next to your brides, & be found faithful.

Black men, all men, stand up for your seeds:

Stand up for the nurturer of your legacies;

I beseech you my brothers STAND.

Your woman needs you…