This is another addition to my Free-writing series; I wrote this to Coldplay’s ‘PARADISE’, I had to write to it, to me that song is on the list of Coldplay’s all-time greats. This is…

Life in One Breathe
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

The release of breathe let’s me know that time is still left there’s life left to live so I give my all changing direction like Saul to Paul from my fall I rise to a place where angels fly my only limits rest in my minds eye unlocked potential this battle is all mental I’m my best asset & my heaviest burden so what must I learn then Mind changes as I suck out the venomous poison’s left by failures past I cast out the old & invite in the dreams of a bold new future free from pains’ residue only to my promise will I hold true clinging to the picture visions’ master piece it’s paradise I speak of where dwells only Gods love true peace on earth is found when this Son dominates every thing around footsteps pound I chase my hopes my tears fuel passions’ rage as faith carries me on to the next page….

We all have moments of weakness; But that’s all they are, moments: it’s only when you make it through you realize how strong you really are & where your strength comes from. This is my…

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Rain drops water the dreams in my head they grant their strength before hope is dead; what fed passion in a moment of weakness has been sealed for rations; in this emergency I plead for the winds of change to fan my soul to flames, pains in mind, deposits of heart issues, my issues might befuddle a few, but only if you knew the weight of just one shoe, so before you judge this man ask yourself what carried you out of the place you once claimed to stand. I feel the sorrow of a stars dwindling light: But still I fight, I guess there’s no quit in me after all, just a hidden confidence that I WILL NOT FALL. So I call upon the power of a Fathers love to lift me up above this suffering sucking the will to still carry on.
I awake from night terrors screaming “HOW LONG” this Agony must have an end so I spend countless amounts of energy just remaining me- up beat parading a smile spirits’ high hope stretching further then a mile, I count the tear drops I wish to shed, I pray that this night my dreams would have peace from my dread….

I grew up in Seattle next to Lake Washington; “The Lake” as we called it, even to this day, provided many childhood adventures growing up; A lot memories are stored there so I wrote this poem to… I guess to say thank you to that special place in the history of me & many of the people who shared that place with me as kids. This is…

I want to go back
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I want to go back. Back to the place where my childhood is buried: back where my memories rest in peace. I want to go to the place where my peaceful thoughts where conceived; I want to go back to where I traveled through the vortex of laughter; where I was caught up to a place where only the imagination mattered. O, how I miss that place- the sand in my hand: the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. I miss the sound of the breeze & the rustle of the trees. I miss the Sunday afternoons where we would ride our bikes till we saw twilights moon. I miss watching the sunlight dance a waltz atop the waters tranquil surface. That place… That place was my refuge: my midnight prayer closet- so many thoughts I shared with the stars in the chill of night, our conversations where endless. The smooth roar of traffic on I-90 plays a soft lullaby while I flip through memories of childhood faces, friends & loved ones who have been long separated from eyes capture, some have fallen asleep lying still, at peace; some have gone on to make places of their own. So today I would like to say thank you to that place; the guardian of my childhood memories: the watchman over my most sacred thoughts: the caretaker of my spoken dreams. Maybe one day I will return to once again gaze at your treasured scene’s; until we meet again I just wanted to say thank you to my childhood friend….

Sometimes the path we’re on leaves questions on where it shall lead use but yet we put one foot in front of the other; unable to quiet the screaming desire of the soul, our minds eager to see the end of our destiny press our footsteps forward. This is…

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Brown eye’s open letting sun ray’s soak in, a pause in mournings moment, reflection of wants and desires aspire to higher dreams, soul sings from the abyss with-in where hope screams for Faiths’ washing. While walking Footsteps’ hold conversation with pavement asking details of the path their destined to travel; But no answer comes so Footsteps’ run, searching for answers demanded from a Mind driven to define time; till time falls into twilight & moon beams fill eye sight & despite all this FootSteps’ still persist. Constantly seeking to grasp the answer to Minds’ question. No resting! Mind speaks, “even if there’s mountain peaks we must traverse you will find the answer to this riddle & verse.” So Footsteps’ trudge on seeking for the answer to Minds’ inquisitive song; fearing to be wrong Footsteps’ remain diligent to Paths’ free-written script, no delay as Stars begin their majestic display Footsteps’ refusing to turn away; then mourning begins & again it illuminates the way. With a new day Mind brings same question to Footsteps’… Where do my dreams lay? Footsteps’ finally give their defining answer to Mind today they say: “wait patently & trust in the path that was given. You continue to listen to Soul, we’ll continue to walk this path until our dreams unfold….”

Let Hope drive you to what you strongly desire: Let Hope be the fuel burning inside you urging you to continue to put one foot in front of the other: Let Hope transport you to a place you held reserved in your imagination: Let hope drive you to grasp your success! This is…

Driven by Hope
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Driven to live life through Christ ’till my promise land is well in hand my hope is never abandon or discarded in that of random thought, so focused now is my vision driven by hope manifested, kingdom live’n gives value to every breath given, dreams born distinguished, classified as high-stakes for the completion of them I’m driven to do what ever it takes, the salvation of generations after me is at stake. Keep in eye sight the prize, the place where I thrive & grow that the light I hold may show; So I speak with confidence & wipe the shroud from my eye’s so I can catch an honest glimpse at what lyes ahead. When dreams are seen thoughts are mastered vision is captured, then in hand will lye my possession that possessed my mind a God sent inheritance claimed as mine. So divine is this reality it took strength beyond the man in me to apprehend what dwelt beyond captivity. Hope drives me forward to a dimension where I’m liven as Gods extension seeing new beginnings hope giving drive, heart beats alive, now watch me progress to where I increase letting hope drive me to eternal peace….