He is the way the truth and the life: He’s a supernatural King that cared enough to give his life that we may live & I’m so thankful. This is…

The Sacrifice of Truth
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

From the throne room to a virgins womb; sent on a mission to bring division like light and darkness, lie’s and honesty: too embrace those’s who greeted me with open hostility. I knew it was time to move when I heard the hearts of my people screaming for freedom; so I came to bleed for them. I AM the Light that leads them. I took the position of a servant until it was time to run, activated, about my Fathers business my story has begun. I recruited 12 witnesses to walk with me recording my works into history, their teachings would testify of Me. For the glory of my Father I despised the shame of open humiliation knowing from this I will inherit a nation, the ones who where rejected I have taken & perfected. I took their sin’s on, upon my shoulders, I carried them to the grave then rose to roll the stone from the face of the cave. I walked with my brethren, seen by five hundred of them, then ascended into the clouds glorified again….

Feelings that flood, emotions that overflow, heaviness that weighed on the strength you carry just means you’ve been: Caught- (to overtake someone) by the beginning of the end of your storm; this is…

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor

Caught in a tear drop storm, time stands still granting a break from the norm; tears fall caught up in the course of it all, felling like I hit a wall, motivation hit a stall caught up in a tear drop water fall. Tear drops fall from a hopeless expression, red eyed & exhausted from the none stop. Expecting my change to come with the greeting of a new Sun. I look around surveying this frozen scene, so serene knowing my own pain, coveting solace from this troublesome tempest; I wish this storm could wash away the burdens these tears display. Caught in a tear drop storm awaiting the day Daybreaks, transforming this disturbance of tears into a calm so tranquil leaving me thankful to see the joyful ray’s of sun-shine letting me know that it’s my time….

Forsake me not, O LORD: O my God, be not far from me. ( psalms 38: 21) LORD…

Don’t Forget Me
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

My tears fall, my fists are worn & bloodied from beating on the wall, my stomach twists & turns from the grief’s & struggle’s that grip my soul. My thoughts retreat to the inner most depths of myself; hoping to grasp some ancient strength that’s been deposited in me before the formation of time. My mind holds on to the promises that inhabit my dreams; my screams of frustration, pain, & suffering drive the fervency of my prayer’s & as I push through the shadow of my sorrowful despair; I gather in the desires of my heart- only able to release one humble request. LORD DON’T FORGET ME….

A putting back into a former position, dignity; restitution of something taken away or lost. a return of something to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition. This is…

by Edward Limitless Taylor III

The Sun rises over the mountain of my struggles; shredding the shadows it cast over me, bound to be unbound walking free from shackles that dragged me down. Falling back to a fresh start to my road to glory paved with faith from my grace quarry. Having gone through it all I’m still walking tall, though hearts humble, I stand confident that God won’t let me stumble or fumble my purpose out of hand; this is the grand scheme that my life does one thing bring glory to my King, this is the big picture: to manifest Kingdom reality, let the world react to the Christ atmosphere, spreading like Leven till it gets thicker & truth is seen clear. Standing ready to serve the world a grand dose of granted health, world wealth, & favor felt when the righteous reign; priest’s of God wipe’n away the worlds pain, pray’n in the latter rain, King’n my domain decreeing victory in Jesus Christ name….

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth”(John 17:17) As we deal with the hidden issues in our hearts- that have been bared under lie’s & facade’s- We’ll find our truths, the treasure’s & rich’s God has placed with-in us. After we uncover & expose those deep dark places of our hearts as the light of the truth shines forth so shall Christ Jesus shine forth from with-in you. “But as many as received him, to them gave he the right to become children of God, even to them that believe on his name”: (John 1:12)

A Journey with-in
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Severing deep thoughts my eye’s open to the split of reality; sad to see mindset boundaries blocking me from the treasures with-in. Many areas still undiscovered riches yet to be uncovered. Striving to navigate the hidden depths of my own heart which from the start beat deceit- a desperately wicked agenda it would seek: But now transplanted through redemption’s deed; What died on that day where the doubts that restrained me, the motives that shamed me, & the fear that drained me. I’m free now to dive into the deep. Searching my own heart I start to find the diverse reminders that where locked & hidden away; they begin to display what’s real & what deserves to be cast away, leaving my soul exposed, as the darkness passes, fleeing from the light of the truth like the stars flee from the bringer of a new day. I played this game with Self- I asked for the deep truth & Self would bring me shallow lie’s- until Self became selfless revealing myself; now finally able to see beyond the veil my eye’s grasp hold of a light Birthed through Selfs’ travail. Now done with my soul searching, treasures bursting, riches quenching my thirsting… I’m flourishing… Traveling freely through the world I project. From my new out-look I see the truth of life- I can’t tell if I’m awake or if I’m dreaming this- seeing this blissful truth that’s sweeter then Paradises’ kiss. What I’ve gained on this journey through my hellish shame, having lost my life when I past through the valley of guilt & pain, after I laid my burdens down in confessions rain, & purified Myself in hopes flames. I obtained a reality with no boundaries, no guilty conscious holding me hostage; just power to be Me free to wonder in the dreams I see….

Prophetic- having the function or powers of a prophet, as a person. Language- faculty or power of speech. This is…

Prophetic language
by Edward Limitless Taylor III

Pure sight given to an open mind able to see the clear victory, broadcasting the source of me. The Spirit of God peered into open soul inserting words more precious than gold. Heart felt whispers flood minds eye swelling with hope uttered by the sweet spirit of redemptions decree; power reigns over thee for the crown of a King dwells upon ye. We are all the body of a Kingdom manifested, in body it rested. The first born of many brethren dwelt in womb; Birthed on purpose he walked among men spirit in flesh our language reflects him; his testimony the spirit of prophecy audibly shaping creation till Christ is shaped in thee. Pre-alined instruction moved in construction until a fruitful tree broke through Earths crust in movement with the intent of apprehending all before time sits still. The will of God still contained in words woven in revelation mystery foretold when preached: so believer stand bold speak forth the promise told & watch creation unfold its treasure’s for a Man God made to obtain his plan, by grace dispensed without measure. Through faith our speech orchestrates forever our place in Kingdoms Estates….