Only the Memories, and the moments that shaped them.., Truly hold the value of this gift called Life…

A Fathers Silent Tear Drop


With Ms Hill in the background with Passion I write with a frown when I look down seeing

my young seeds grow in a World I hardly recognize anymore. A World without loved ones

and friends held in thought and memory clinging to the lessons they gave me, their love

saved me from thoughts wrapped in stone trying to drown me in a river flowing violent,

running with violence in tow trying to drag its victims low, but I sowed good seed with

deep roots so no matter how the current rages I keep these seeds and their hopes anchored

to pages where my spirit dwells in-between lines bordering hidden tears… “God Bless the

Fathers that fight with me to up lift this next generation past tragedy, and wipe away

these tears no Man can see…, as they depart from me… “

I’ve said good bye to too many friends and family in the recent years…, and today i just realized I’m….



Heart heavy as memories tell me of stories written a time ago when life was a lil slow and

we didn’t carry the World in tow oh how I remember the smiles and laughter then comes

the morning after a blissful Dream scenes flipping like pages seen in books housing

pictures of moments captured…

Moments, God only knows, how I want them back….

LORD lead me to my place of escape where thoughts spoken re-shape; lead me to & through the…

My prayer Today, written yesterday……

Taylor's Poetry Corner

Open Doors
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Fearless impulses bursting out with vocal thrusts, is this the time for exhalation? finally! Seed explodes growth goes beyond inner depths speaking forth outer thought delivered by breath. Transforming reality morphing minds too awaken, like coming off a morphine Induced stupor; my words becoming your mental suitor, call me a dream distributer. Exploding visions when received; I’m devoted to delivering words of need getting you connected with the right motives for motivation floating through the flow of ever expanding revelation. Fast pace’n though long winded, endurance race’n; it’s the most crucial prize I’m striving towards & once I apprehend I’ll leave the door open for my heavenly kin to walk in. I extend in the most heated moments of pressure building edifying word works downloading Keys to the kingdom into my soulful word search, inducing hope replacing past hurts, fears disperse; relief comes…

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Writing with ‘Let it be’ by James Bay playing in the background- let’s see where this melody will take me…,



A warm sunrise energies from a razor edged horizon,

It pierces the darkness in a magnificent display screaming,”TODAY, is the Day!”

The Day of all things possible, I’m positively thinking of the greatness before me,

 In hands stretched to the sky. 

Limitless abounding while on lookers stand astounded

and the foolish are left confounded wondering how I got around-


The problems that haunted my mind in the midnight.

The inner prison bars broke from their hinges from this amazing light, 


These thoughts wrapped in a soft Morning breeze,

Whisper my very Dream…,

“Let it be the Day I make history…,

Being Me….”


I rest my minds eye on a beautiful view….



I look at life a different way viewing the past as where I’ve been not where I stay changing by the moment from morning to  today the flame is lit I spit kerosene upon the canvas adding light creating a spark in each feature with the stroke of Decision putting to thrust the paint brush of Life…


what some would call…

A SpokenWord-


When the issues of Life seem so dark.., just a glimpse of Light means every-thing….



They Fall one by one…

When I think of the Sun rising on the horizon bringing light!

Scattering the Darkness polluting the Situation-

I was hiding..,


Fighting furiously to stay a float!

In the Storm that raged-

I broke….

Then awoke to a peaceful silence;

The risen light came as welcomed guidance…


At last….

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