These next series of poems are my version of freestyle, I call it freetyping, I wrote what came to mind in that moment, here’s the first with a little editing, This is…

one of my very first poems in free-writing style

Taylor's Poetry Corner

by Edward (Flowx10) Taylor III

Patience held in contempt waiting for grace to hit. Mind now exposed to limitless favor ears captured by words…

…Nature changer…,

Mindsets shatter like glass…

…Truth blast,

NOW seed can grow like refreshed spring grass; AT LAST, hear the sound of chains dropping to ground, legs unbound,

feel… feel…


Blood rushing to ground, flowing to wrist, my lungs never tasted freedom like this.

Unrestricted vocals lash out in shout, eyes overloaded with joyful tears, crowns fall in worship as Kings kneel down,


Shatters the shroud & rips the Vail, blindness is removed as glory shines through,

The LAMB was slain for sins that where mine, fulfilling the shadow leaving it cursed to a tree…


An unlawful abiding citizen…

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As Christians we go through a lot of diverse situations that try our integrity, but to uphold that great commandment to love thy neighbor as thy self (Matt 19:19), seems to be our greatest challenge at times. Instead of being real with one another we tend to hide our true feelings behind a simple smile…

Taylor's Poetry Corner

Behind a Smile
By Edward Taylor III

There’s a lot behind a smile, have you ever considered “What could be”? Hidden behind a pleasant face that seems to possess joy that will never fade could lay pain so deep that tears can no longer express it only with a smile the face can confess it.

There’s a lot behind a smile, like a dagger dipped in hate: aimed at the center of your soul; as soon as you turn your back on the smile it uses the sharp edge of its tongue to pierce your flesh & sever your spine while smiling the hole time. There’s a lot behind a smile let me describe a few, there’s the one that say’s I’m better then you.

Then there’s the one that hides behind a grin :0) because the smile doesn’t want you to know it captured…

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(Matt 5:16)“ Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Taylor's Poetry Corner

Be taken away by a peaceful escape from the hectic world around you, step into a place where the reflection of light awakens hidden beauty on a quiet shore, let it inspire you to let your light shine, & awaken the hidden beauty God has placed within you…


By Edward Taylor III

The calm ocean waves reflect the blurry shimmer of moonlight as it struggles to penetrate the thick hazy sky. Clouds litter the midnight sky only allowing a glimpse at the striking beauty they conceal.

The stars are hidden by the collection of vapors heavy with the burden of rain, as the clouds move on, the night is transformed by a sudden burst of light, it overwhelms the eclipse of darkness displaying the nights hidden beauty;

The Oceanside comes to life with the crashing of glittering waves; the smooth sand sparkles like a sea of crystal shards, the…

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Here I go again listen to my tunes you know I had too flow heart to soul through my favorite style of writing free writing no rules just flowing, this is….



Is it my turn to learn that what is in front of me is the doorway too extraordinary very scarcely I immerse Me in

dreams making them realer than the ground under feet I refuse to linger in defeat as long as my heart beats I

will grasp what I reach for no more looking back at past attacks I surround my mind with thoughts of walking

these streets un-blinded unbound soul footsteps purge the filth laying under concrete hearing the hope of these

city streets where even the lowest hope for peace….

Phoenix- A mythical bird that periodically burned itself to death and emerged from the ashes as a new phoenix. According to most stories, the rebirth of the phoenix happened every five hundred years. Only one phoenix lived at a time. This is….



In the ash’s of the past I hush the subconscious moving through the super-conscious flowing

thoughts caught in a rush to bust out of thought-full of unchained dreams bought freedom with

blood stained screams birthed from flames speaking this, “heed this the Sun I kiss witness the

flight of a Phoenix” weaving this path together picture perfect  now I exit the atmosphere letting

out my last tear the signal of no fear pressing into the beyond blue sky high I fly upon winds

which carry the voice of my Father I hear stronger passing through wisdom cloud’s dropping

their gem’s taking it in walking the realm where Moon and Sun blend I rise again….

We have had way to many tragedies lately envolving racism in the U.S. which ended in the murder of young black men and women; why can’t we understand that the only chance we have as a race of humans is to put down and abolish these petty hatreds toward one another!!! I guess where just too…



I hold on to the dream of a King;

dreaming of a world-wide accord,  

people actually striving together to reach the finish-line at the same-time;

if we all walked with one mind disagreements would become hard to find

walking with eye’s open,

wide is the view as we push through hatred, bigotry, and racism

finally able to see we all bleed the same scarlet shade,  

so why can’t we be sista’s and brotha’s?  

I guess we missed the memo:

“this just in we all stem from the same origin”,

so why can’t we be kin?

is it because of the color of our skin or are we just too fractured with-in

unable to call each other brethren “human race” broken and separate I guess when it comes to

world peace I’m somewhat of a skeptic  


Sometimes making a decision isn’t cut and dry, sometimes it takes serious thought to gather enough strength and courage to step out into the unknown; many of us have had a conversation going on in our heads as we weigh possible life changing options. This is…

A Double Minded Conversation



Why do I hide who I am?

Am I afraid,

that if I show my true self exposing my souls wealth I might get robbed of all dignity

and honor

Why when Self & I talk it sounds like a barter;

Self & I involved in a give and take debate leaving

Me to mediate:


I:  “if I show all, I may fall in front of everyone, my fear has become”-

Self: “ BONDAGE, to You and Me, COME ON”

I: “I JUST WANT TO BE FREE;  that’s what I told Me”

Self:  “BUT HE AGREED WITH my-Self.”

I:  “I can’t deny the truth Self, but”

Self: “What! that’s not enough?”  “I’m tired of feeling crushed. I WANT YOU OUT.”

I: “I WANNA GET OUT, of my shell hidden no longer, that’s the only way WE will get stronger.”

Self: “Finally we agree…!”

free writing poetry only me and thoughts taking long walks through dreamland; this is…



Closer and closer to my vision hung up in eye sight like a poster

Closer to gripping my thoughts sipping on lessons taught

Time is well spent when I drip oceans of creativity locking arms with divinity

Closer and closer to my dreams no longer resisting me

I remove the dross wiping the dust off of my desires

My heart is lit

The fire sits in soul burning


Until mind is consumed with words that burst from mouth painting a masterpiece

Drawing nigh to eye the reality where I truly exist….