Hope you’ve had a great 4th of July everyone, This poem was inspired by the beautiful day I enjoyed with my family; This is…

Create a Day

Each morning brings a new canvas to paint so I think that this day will display all that my God has created the soft subtle breeze the lushes clouds that lie in a brilliant blue ski, snow kissed mountain peaks peek through the soft haze, trees reaching towards the sun wishing to be kissed by one blessed ray of glory, this portrait tells a story of the glory of my Awesome King, painted on this canvas are the smiles of many driven by the elusive sun to run to a place where it can cares their faces as they taste the day. I wish I could stay in this place this perfectly detailed portrait so lit with joy, for this day was painted for me to see that all things have their time, I thank God that this day has been declared as mine. Looking over the contrasting coolness of each wave I feel saved from the stresses that clouded my sight: I feel far from the fears that caused me fright. This day has been framed in memory. This day that was painted just for me….

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