The tragedies that plague our world tend to spark the unification of Families, peace Communities, & Countries to fight against the entities that pray on the vulnerable. It only takes the collective thoughts of one person to change the world they see- which in turn has an impact on so many others, some for the better & some for their own destructive greed- don’t be the later: But rather let us all make an effort in our own way to become as a whole a company of World Changers. This is…

Morning Sunrise
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Awakened conscience eye’s open to the world around this morning seems strange the wind breaths a degree of change stretching to apply paint to frame picture a world where people feel the pain of their equal human beings respecting each life made sweeter then the ripest peach a world where children reflect the wisdom of their teach preached on soap boxes become outposts for truth a world where greed is disregarded more focus directed towards good works started imagine a world where no evil hails a world where love is pure and honest each man extending a helping hand to brake the barrier of division with the impact of a sledgehammer incision a world where there are no strangers the only funerals arranged are to bury anger next to hatred a world where the dreams of your neighbor are as crucial as your own significant as flesh to bone a world where true peace is found beyond ones home imagine a world where social status lines are erased and each man runs at his own pace a world where joyful tears wet faces no more pain burning from the flame of the insane…. Awakened conscience eye’s open to the world that is your own… How will you imagine it’s sunrise…?