The Martyr Chronicles PT. 4

‘The Homecoming’
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

My eyelids expand to the command:”BEHOLD the Pearl Gates”. An Angel escorts me in through the realm of Faith: the power of grace hits me like twenty tons of weights- I fell as one dead.
“Arise my brother”, the Angel said. “you are amongst fellow overcomer’s who hungered for the same spirit that dwells in you, through the valley they came despising the shame victory they’ve obtained”. I walked through the midst of bowed faces hearing their victorious song of redemption, praises fill the atmosphere, we are the remnant: the ones the world cursed and spat out: But now the triumphant has sung. None could have separated me from the origin of love.

I see a great throne & a place that’s my own, a place prepared for me to dwell, at the feet of the Lamb of God, Forever thankful for the good fruit I still reap. I AM home…, an angel taps my shoulder, he points to a seat & instructs me to sit, he touches my mouth, his fingers burning with intense heat, then he releases his hold, simply saying, “Now Speak….”

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