Never let anyone or anything succeed in eclipsing the light of hope burning inside you. Let your flame burn bright with all the strength you posses; even in the midst of your fight, make your declaration of victory….

By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Night blankets the dimming sun, light has faded to its rest & I’m left to think back on every breath. In amazement I begin to realize how an effervescent beam of hope exudes from with-in, I hesitate the question, “I still shine?” After all that has come to attempt to extinguish this burning flame I hear my soul sing, “I still shine….”

Through the trial of time I’ve come to a point of uncovering that which has struggled to be. This light in me has suffered the force of an unforgiving wind; when no direction was given & all around seemed to be on a descend it was then I recognized, “I still shine….”

Even when no external starlight could be seen through the dim cluster of cloud, as if joy itself had been swallowed in the abyss of doubt, “I still shine….” When not even the comfort of kindness held any warmth in it’s core, “I still shine….”

Even when the ravenous pack of dream killing wolves stalked my thoughts, attempting to devour my flaming candle stick-
My soul…
I can still hear its defiance, “I still shine…!”

No longer blind to the beautiful lustrous fire surging to the surface my vision stands illuminated. My desires have not faded, I shall be the King over all that has been gifted to me: I shall no longer hide behind the shadows of uncertainty: I shall fan this blaze into a consuming frenzy devouring all that opposes me.

I, like the Phoenix shall rise from these darkening ashes, ascending to where after time has come to it’s end & the enemies of my hope are never seen again, then shall I take seat on my throne, it shall be known & defined, “I STILL SHINE….”