By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I grasp the clouds & part them as a scroll,
I look at my creation & peer into every man’s soul,
My every thought displayed, in the sway of trees.
The animation of life & their gift of days are from me.
I pour out my rain upon creation,
I humble myself to watch it grow;

Then I gathered that which was mine before the foundations of time. I dwelt among you myself to see this done. My blood was shed to seal the ones I chose to be.
I opened the eye’s of those who couldn’t see;
At my rebuke death was turned away.

I AM the giver of miracles.

I AM the gift of healing,

I AM the source of wisdom & knowledge.

I AM joy, love, & peace.

I call to you my children COME;
My face I command you to SEEK….

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