There’s things I want to do while I have the opportunity; instead of waiting for the dusk of my life I would rather live life in its effervescent Sunrise, leaving nothing undone, this is…

Taking My Last

When it’s time for my time I want to be able too say I lived life to the fullest ever completing every aspiration savin’ nothing for later;

I want them to say I did what couldn’t be done when comparing my life to some the response should be there is none I am one of a kind taking my time appreciating everything that was used to complete Me perfectly weaving my dreams into what’s seen

before I take my last seeing the present open know’n the pain from the past is no-longer spoken before I take my last I will have already past through the glass too become one with the reflection, polar: me, myself, and I at one with Spirit, Soul, Body, complete in Father, Son, Holy

molding me into the man you see before I take my last I would love too have known the coast of Italy free falling from thirty thousand feet stretching the boundaries of caution-

forget living life on the edge-

I wanna inhale, close eyes, and launch before I take my last,

I want to adore my great, great grandchildren teaching them the ways of this family union passing down a wealth of inheritance, keys to excellence;

before I take my last I would Love! To hear, “well done my Son.”

Before I take my last breath passing from life to life never tasting the bitterness of death I want them to say,

“He savored every breath– as if it where his last”….

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