I often write about the events which take place in my life; this poem represents a close call I had doing the normal routine, just driving home from work. This is…

One More Time

One more time…

I get to reflect on a day gifted; present thoughts drift with the ultimate of benefits- life!

Giving thoughts, thankful, for the day the Sun displayed its ray’s walking through a portrait deciphering universe tapestries located in memory.

One more time…

I Get to see my seed godly activating the father in me, glad to see the growth of hope in eyes so young.

Thinking of how I all-most missed this chance, thankful that, that car just missed my van-

can anything breed gratitude greater than seeing your life end before your eyes, in an instant,

no longer will I take this time to despise what’s been given, Flashing forward to moments of now,

I vow!

That I will treasure every moment with those that cause my life to be full of joy

Every time giving thanks for my loved ones and every time I leave them I will be so thankful to see them once more I am so grateful for every embrace, so honored to once again taste my;

my one more time….

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