There are times in life- well mine at-least, when you just need to toss everything out and start from the beginning, & this time, I’m doing it right! This is…


The password too access:


given via repented thoughts-

live’n the dream???

It seems to be right…,


thoughts have grown into decisions made that laid an uneven foundation making ways crooked;

frustration heating temper…,


over-cooked it,

booked my flight to my promise land

but on this journey I realize I packed way too heavy,


confidence may waver,


the mind field is blown; time to re-start, re-chart, and re-plot

My course reconciling myself back to my work divorcing the darkness in past from past hurts erasing fear,

now facing why I AM hear;

Pushing, hurling, striving to enter into That rest which houses That fresh breath containing hollowed foot-steps

rebooting mind to find resolve in this battle to disinfect my soul freeing it from infectious viruses sown by the enemies of my throne.

It is time to climb out of this blinding mist, showing creation,


is why I more than exist!!!

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