Just celebrated my daughters sixteenth birthday this poem is from a joyful Fathers heart, I love you baby girl; this is…

To My Sweetest Sixteen

Dear Sweet Sixteen,

I’ve loved you since the first day of conception; I remember waiting nine months for Gods greatest work,


it was and is my proudest day when I held you for the first time; accepting the responsibility for a life besides mine…, Wow, I’am a dad.

My Thoughts go back further when I heard God say a daughter will come first and as I alined myself into position,

then on one special day,

a beautiful baby girl was given.

I’ve watched you grow,

like the seeds of wisdom planted in your psyche,

into a wonderful young lady and hey may be you’ll still need your young/old mans hand to walk you down the isle-

but never mind that,

plenty of time for a Man to find you,

oh! but,

let me remind you that your Father will be performing the cross examination to see if he’s worthy enough to claim your hand,

“can he stand?”

Remember I AM your “#1 FAN”, my sweet sixteen,


“DAD I heard every word you said.”

“I just wanted to make sure,”

those seeds of wisdom still run deep in your head.

Just know I’ll be here as long as GOD allows me. I’ll be sure to make sure you take everything I give, that you may possess the freedom to live,

my sweetest sixteen–



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