Anthem: a song, as of praise, devotion, or patriotism. This is…

The Anthem

Triumphant verses disperse from hearts fresh from battle

Heavy souls burdened with the spoils of war; prayer worriers

Emerging from the mist of spiritual warfare; violent shouts erupt hurling as the anvil drops cracking titanium shells it was

hell in the hallway until we passed through the gates of, “YAHWEH”

EMMANUEL: GOD in Kingdom, in Heart, residing in Flesh

Amazing life in Second Breath, spared from the devils dread, The Second Death

Never came for us, resting in peace, residing in the Holy trinity

This is the LORDS army!

Heavenly forces arranging all around ready, for, what may come, has already been done


Elitist commanded to do one thing -believe this-
Mastery comes in obedience to thee GOD of all whom made us to be Kings and Priests we stand with sword in hand soldiers wielding weapons of speech

victory layers the streets, King’s feet pounding golden concrete,
Saints marching in singing Spiritual hymns–

The Anthem…!


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