This poem pays homage to the city I am from as well as symbolizing the emotional turmoil a person can go through, this is….


Tear drops fall from eye clouds, the build up of the pain inside has grown too loud, to hold it in any-longer would mean death by blunt-force trauma, too retain it would resemble the feeling of laying upon a cushion of Space Needles piercing my soul with-in;

Tear drops fall from eye clouds, which once held a look so proud, even the mirror shouted loud, “thou art the fairest,” now it looks back saying, “I’m embraced,” losing focus of the vision I cherished, head spinning faster then the downtown fairest-wheel, round & round;

Tears fall from eye clouds, longing for the peace that hides behind the gray shroud, above, looking for love that’s evergreen, captivating as a clean mountain scene cascading in view, hoping that this rain can purge me through and through;

Tears drop from eye clouds, sourced from thoughts bound in The Clink sinking into hypothetical fears, these 206 tears dropping into a union of lakes, sandy shores prone to Earthquakes;

Tear drops fall from eye clouds, air-porting my hopes above this storm reserving them, preserving them under volcanic ashes, from them grows grapes of the past bursting Merlot underfoot;

Tear drops fall from eye clouds, the Puget sounds, cool winds chill crowns in this storm, in this Seattle rain that pounds….

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