I got a yes

I got a yes!
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Am I your beloved?
Am I your Son?
Am I going to see the joy filled days you promised me?
Am I gonna walk in the health of my soul prospering,
Living life through your Son the Word?
Are my thoughts pleasing to your eye’s?
Are my praises honored by the attention of your ears?
Can you hear me when I call?
Am I secured in your hand, Shielded from the effects of the Fall?
“Now arise my Son for you are blessed put your mind at rest for you this day have obtained a Yes….”

This poem pays homage to the city I am from as well as symbolizing the emotional turmoil a person can go through, this is….


Tear drops fall from eye clouds, the build up of the pain inside has grown too loud, to hold it in any-longer would mean death by blunt-force trauma, too retain it would resemble the feeling of laying upon a cushion of Space Needles piercing my soul with-in;

Tear drops fall from eye clouds, which once held a look so proud, even the mirror shouted loud, “thou art the fairest,” now it looks back saying, “I’m embraced,” losing focus of the vision I cherished, head spinning faster then the downtown fairest-wheel, round & round;

Tears fall from eye clouds, longing for the peace that hides behind the gray shroud, above, looking for love that’s evergreen, captivating as a clean mountain scene cascading in view, hoping that this rain can purge me through and through;

Tears drop from eye clouds, sourced from thoughts bound in The Clink sinking into hypothetical fears, these 206 tears dropping into a union of lakes, sandy shores prone to Earthquakes;

Tear drops fall from eye clouds, air-porting my hopes above this storm reserving them, preserving them under volcanic ashes, from them grows grapes of the past bursting Merlot underfoot;

Tear drops fall from eye clouds, the Puget sounds, cool winds chill crowns in this storm, in this Seattle rain that pounds….

Am I alone? Is a question a person finds themselves asking on this journey through life, brought on by moments where one feels overwhelmed by their duties, relationships and other commitments. A person may feel that their the only ones bearing the load, longing for aid, I had a moment such as this, so I wrote…

Is Anybody Out there?

Is somebody out there…?

Is somebody out there bruised and broken?

Is somebody out there closed eye’s hope’n

Is somebody out there willing to take that leap

is somebody out there playing dodge ball with the light that seek’s?

Is somebody out there cutting ties to bitter memories?

Is somebody out there wandering if they can make it to the end?

Is somebody out there?!

Somebody that cares;

Somebody who can cancel the poisonous effects of my fears,

Is somebody,


out here on a limb with me wanting to see if they can sore, waiting for the strength to fly once more?


I’m asking,

is anybody out there…?