Aperture- an opening, as a hole, slit, crack, gap, etc.

In View

My hope stacks as a bull-work against on coming attacks fighting the urge to back track

slack used to be my I.D. but now I seek for truth with-in me trying to see through dim vision piercing

gazes attached to a foggy mirror, HELP ME see clearer,

“mirror mirror on the wall tell me the truth of it all;”

an awkward pause follows…,

it seems that truth pills are hard to swallow, but,

I digress

I refuse to wallow in self induced stress stretching my scope wider so I can see my desire in panoramic perception

drinking the cup of correction altering the scene in front of I,

eyesight drawn to a sliver of an opening splitting the gray

daylight screams through an aperture view leaving me to see what is–


I just hope I can hold on to you, my desire in view….