We often question the unknown when where faced with a decision that has the potential to drastically alter the course of our lives. In that weighty moment of hesitation we find ourselves paused in thought, resting in the middle of an intersecting crossroad pondering the future, asking ourselves one question which contains epic consequences…

What’s to be…?

What’s to be…?

When I speak to the wind and my words ascend into the atmosphere changing the direction of courses, fear and courage divorces, my boldness burning bright as torches.

What’s to be…?

When I see the horizon brighten and my strength increases to my light rising.

What’s to be…?

When the open doors welcome me in, my eye’s opening to hopes with-in, heartbeats rush, muscles tighten like wrists in hand cuffs; this is it! The reward- the result of giving myself wholly to the vision hatched from minds eye sight.

What’s to be…?

When my desire collides with pregnant wishes and my dreams escape their captures prisons craving the tasting of freedoms dishes.

What’s to be…? When there is no end to time, where eternity grasps my hands and whispers, “your mine….”

What’s to be…?

What’s to become of the generations after me? I’m hoping they see the rising of their horizon upon their path. Let their destiny find them when they ask,

“What’s to be…?”

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