At times we find ourselves caught in a place between commitment and forfeit; those moments are when you have to dig the deepest to find the strength to keep fighting on, to give it one…

Last Shot

One shot lost before I had time to let my tears reload feeling like I got sold a no win ticket feeling stuck in my place like a widget is true love a gimmick or will it show for what it is something worth holding on to besides a house full of kids where’s my home the place my peace can freely roam I guess I missed the caution signs was I really walking that blind was loneliness the cloud in my mind I thought she was sent to be an Angel to rescue me not to be the source of frustration waxen old wearing down my patience feeling the place in my heart’s growing vacant still waiting for my bride to uncover the real trying hard to disregard what I feel starving my inner desires to do what I will and kill all the grief in my life… Let me load up one more shot to sling breath at doubt when it shows up keeping my eye on the promise until I grow up I hope to reach it before all hell blows up in one aggressive out burst I’m through carrying the stresses God take this weight that presses the pressures seem overwhelming ignorant kind words aren’t helping what is it worth merely excepting that this is what it is time to reboot the program ‘Successful’ or wrap love in grave close for it’s burial….

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