Who knew

Who knew
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Who knew that the kindness of a butterfly would pollinate a rose that would bloom becoming pleasing to one man’s eye.

Who knew that through the pain an eagle would glide above the hurricane finding peace from the stinging rain.

Who knew that two hearts would form a new beginning from their two ends two hearts become lovers birthed out of the trials of their faith these two hearts find an embrace.

Who knew that the feud kindled by their haters and debaters fueled from their actions would strengthen their attraction.

Who knew when two hearts become one the darkness that covered would be rebuked by the blinding light of their love exuding protruding from two hearts become one.

Who knew how few would be excluded or how many where included baring witness to vows up held despite the plait to end all they sacrificed to fight for they’re two hearts become one they stand upheld by the strength obtained from heavens Son these two hearts become one.

Who knew that these two hearts would agree to be joined on task treasuring the present valuing the past planting seeds for the future reaping a harvest that would last.

Who knew two hearts could do what’s been done with eye’s looking forward guided by Gods Son who knew that years later these two hearts still remain young for these two hearts are become one…

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